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Harbin astronomical fish consumers said the official investigation was not true original title: Harbin "super fish" consumer voice response from the official investigation in Nanjing on 16 February, (Sun Quan) "we now asked the Harbin authorities to the public at the time of the whole video to restore the original events." 16 morning, due to the "high price fish" incident and plagued Changzhou consumers Chen Yan told reporters in Beijing, Harbin, Songbei special investigation team issued the survey is not true. His and his family members were consulted and responded. A weight problem, Chen Yan said: "the shopkeeper said that my signature confirmation, but in fact I did not sign, I can cooperate with handwriting identification, beginning to feel your 7 pounds, intends to eat, but they cut down 10 pounds 4 two, we also recognized that when the results to the checkout 14 pounds 4 two, we would certainly not recognized, we hope we can put all the store surveillance video released, it will be clear at a glance." Secondly, on the question of price, Chen Yan said: "the price tag that is in the wild is based on identity, but after seeing reports feel cheated, wild fishing are limited, is an international endangered animal, must have the corresponding proof and fishing records, so I hope you can produce relevant documents, otherwise, this involves shoddy, consumer fraud, the store in the TV station has the wild or half breed, but the name of pure wild in the sale, no prior notice we are half breed, I hope the relevant can further follow up." Finally, for whoever gets the problem, Chen Yan said: "I read the news on the store provides only part of the video, hope the store announced the full video, most of us don’t interpret out of context, the elderly and children, just want to break things in the field of Ning, my last boss and hug is not to want to be in the field of revenge, after all." Chen Yanshi said, he is micro-blog Tucao reminder, did not expect out of control completely, so delete want to live quietly, just behind unexpectedly stores has slandered us, after actually made micro-blog, the store also called to intimidate us, this can provide the call records, and even our children and family information their flesh sent to the Internet, I asked the Harbin police net can be dealt with according to law, no matter how this thing, the elderly at home, my daughter is innocent, the big blow to them." In addition, the reason why the price of food from 10000 yuan discount to 7200 yuan, Chen Yan also gave an explanation, when the police arrived at the mediation, the hotel and their own consultations, and finally pay to leave the hotel. The police came to say it or take the punishment procedures, or on both sides of the mediation, we travel to Harbin, do not want to stir up trouble, so the choice of mediation with the hotel." Chen Yan said. 16 noon, Chen Yan also to the new China net reporters expressed their reluctance to pursue any party responsibility demands, hope the outside world and friends also return to a quiet life. (finished) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

哈尔滨“天价鱼”消费者称官方调查情况不属实   原标题:哈尔滨“天价鱼”消费者发声 回应官方调查情况   中新网南京2月16日电 (孙权) “我们现在要求哈尔滨有关部门向社会公布事发时的全部视频来还原事件原貌。”16日上午,因“天价鱼”事件而饱受困扰的常州消费者陈岩向中新网记者表示,哈尔滨松北区专项调查小组出具的调查情况不属实。其本人及家属经过商量,做出回应。   关于斤两问题,陈岩表示:“店家说有我的签字确认,但是实际上我没有签字,我可以配合进行笔迹鉴定,一开始就觉得贵,打算点个7斤吃吃的,但是他们一刀下去10斤4两,我们也认可了,结果结账的时候要14斤4两,我们肯定没法认可,我们希望店家可以把所有监控视频公布,这样就一目了然了。”   其次,关于价格问题,陈岩说:“明码标价那是在认同这个是野生的基础上,但是之后看到相关报道觉得受骗了,野生的都是限量捕捞的,是国际濒危保护动物,必须有相应的证明和捕捞纪录,所以希望店家可以出示相关的文件,不然这个涉及到以次充好,欺诈消费者,店家在电视台已经说明这个半野生半养殖的,但是却打着纯野生的在卖,没有事先告知我们是半养殖的,我希望有关方面可以进一步跟进。”   最后,对于谁先动手的问题,陈岩表示:“我看新闻上店家只提供了部分视频,希望店家公布完整的视频,不要断章取义,我们大多老人孩子,在外地只是想歇事宁人,我最后和老板拥抱是不想被报复,毕竟在外地。”   陈岩石说,他发微博就是吐槽提醒下,没想到完全性的失控,“所以删除了想安静的过生活,只是没想到后面店家一直污蔑我们,其实发了微博以后,店家还打电话来恐吓我们,这个可以提供通话记录,甚至我们家人孩子的信息被他们人肉发到网上,在此我请求哈尔滨网警能够依法处理,不管这件事情如何,家里的老人,我的未成年的女儿是无辜的,这个对他们的打击很大。”   另外,就外界关心的为何用餐价格从10000多元打折到7200元,陈岩也给出了解释,当时是因为警方到场调解后,饭店与自己进行了协商,最后付钱方才离开饭店。“警察来了说这事要么走处罚程序,要么就双方调解,我们来哈尔滨旅游,不想惹事,于是选择了跟饭店方面调解。”陈岩说。   16日中午,陈岩还向中新网记者表达了自己不愿再去追究任何一方责任的诉求,希望外界及网友还其一个平静的生活。(完) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: