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U.S. media: China on beauty of superpower status in the Latin American original title: America Media: Chinese take cities and seize territory in the Latin American Beauty superpower CNN take cities and seize territory on the February 12th article, the original title: Latin America: China started in the United States under the eyes of the strength of the offensive in the United States turned to the occasion, China is Latin America bet the maximum bet. Last year, China invested heavily in the region, with Chinese banks providing nearly $3 billion in loans to Latin American governments, up more than doubled from the previous year. China also provides 35 billion dollar funds for Latin American countries to build infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and railways in the region. When the Chinese investment comes in, the U.S. government’s aid to Latin America and private investment has declined for 3 consecutive years. The Chinese government has also expanded its relations with Latin america. Last year, China hosted all Latin American officials for the first time in Beijing, and plans to invest 250 billion dollars in the region in the next 10 years. Chinese "is the Latin American rapidly eroding the United States take cities and seize territory" superpower status in the region. There is reason to believe that China will fill more investment gaps left by American investors in 2016". Although the economic situation has fluctuated recently, China and Latin America are very complementary. China needs iron ore, oil, soybeans and other commodities, and Latin America has a large number of such raw materials. China will also invest in Latin America as one of the sources of employment for Chinese workers. Many infrastructure projects funded by Latin America in China have an additional condition: they must employ Chinese workers. Editor: the flourishing SN123

美媒:中国在拉美攻城略地 蚕食美超级大国地位   原标题:美媒:中国在拉美攻城略地 蚕食美超级大国地位   美国有线电视新闻网2月12日文章,原题:拉美:中国在美国眼皮底下展开的实力攻势 就在美国转身之际,中国正对拉美押下最大赌注。去年,中国在该地区大举投资,中资银行向拉美国家政府提供近30亿美元贷款,同比增长一倍多。中国还为拉美国家提供350亿美元基金,用于在该地区修建道路、桥梁、铁路等基础设施项目。而当中国投资纷至沓来时,美国政府对拉美的援助和私人投资已连续3年下降。   中国政府还大幅扩展与拉美的关系。去年,中国首次在北京接待所有拉美国家高官,并计划在未来10年内向该地区投资2500亿美元。   中国正在拉美迅速“攻城略地”,不断蚕食美国在该地区的超级大国地位。人们有理由相信中国将在2016年填补美国投资者留下的更多投资“缺口”。   虽然近来经济形势出现波动,但中国和拉美极具互补性。中国需要铁矿石、石油、大豆等大宗商品,而拉美拥有大量此类原材料。中国还将对拉美投资当做中国工人的就业源头之一。中国在拉美出资修建的许多基础设施项目都有一个附加条件:工作必须聘用中国工人。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: