Today is the anniversary of the fall of Wuhan City air raid alarms ringing-索尼a350

Today is the anniversary of the fall of Wuhan city will ring air defense warning today in Wuhan during the Anti Japanese War occupied 78th anniversary anniversary. According to the Wuhan municipal government emergency office information, Wuhan will be sounding air defense alert at 16 o’clock today. 16:00 to 16:03, sound "advance warning", 36 seconds, stop for 24 seconds, so for 3 minutes. 16:15 to 16:18, sounded the "air raid alarm", sounded 6 seconds, stopped for 6 seconds, repeated 15 times, lasted 3 minutes. 16:27 to 16:30, sound "lift alarm", continuous ringing for 3 minutes. Yesterday, the Changjiang Daily official, micro-blog and headline numbers reviewed the reasons and history of the Wuhan Anti Japanese War Memorial Day, causing public concern. More than 1000 netizens participated in the voting, of which nearly four adults knew little about the commemoration day of the fall of the Wuhan war of resistance against japan". [history] @ cloud wave message excerpts can not forget: the Japanese invasion caused death of three people in my family, my grandfather was caught in Yueyang killed my grandmother in flight on the way by the Japanese bomb in Yueyang sulfur smoked in the cellar, the county government moved to the West with the second uncle on the way by the Japs bomb killed, could not forget. Zhang Tao: my grandpa is 94 years old, a year in Wuhan Baozipu apprenticed at Japanese ashore. Then is the endless flight, Hunan, Sichuan, less than half a China escape. About these, still The old man wept bitterly. Tomorrow’s sunshine: remember history, to better usher in the future. The fall of Wuhan in seven years, the Japanese aggressors utterly devoid of conscience, do bad, we must not forget. Remember history, in order to stimulate your patriotic enthusiasm, a country has a home. It is our common goal to build a country well and develop Wuhan well! Justin: the year until October 26th and @ Zhongshan ship in the fight, and has not recovered from the uplift in the fight, there are a lot of soldiers fighting in the war, life, not only, to defend Wuhan. @yummyyummy: a history that can not be forgotten. @ money: the Anti Japanese war in Wuhan fall, never forget the history, do not forget national humiliation, not to forget the pain of wuhan! Alarm bells ringing, do not forget national humiliation @ Jing Wu Xuan: we have to remember history, do not forget to take this road, road, road and develop! @lize Yi: the fall of Wuhan, the warning, do not forget national humiliation! @ Essien Xinhuan: every time I see a few years China which occupied the day of the month, there is always a nose a sour feeling. The suffering of China, the suffering of those Chinese people at that time. The rise of the flag is victory! @ Chinese dream: the alarm bells ringing! Let us never forget the sad history, I make efforts, the revitalization of Wuhan! Yilian @ Muzi: be thankful for continuous fighting people, get rid of poverty, protect our homes and defend our country is always worthy of respect. Feng Xianqiao: this time of year: ringing sound to warn people not to forget national humiliation, to defend Wuhan, build our homes more powerful! @ Han wind: the history of Wuhan today is a memorable day, alarm bells ringing, do not forget national humiliation. Remember the October 25, 1938 anniversary of the fall of the Wuhan war of resistance against japan. Attention to the big Chu net official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwa.

今日是抗战武汉沦陷纪念日 三镇将鸣响防空警报今天是武汉在抗日战争中沦陷78周年的纪念日。根据武汉市政府应急办信息,今天16时武汉市将拉响防空警报。16:00至16:03,拉响“预先警报”,鸣36秒,停24秒,如此持续3分钟。16:15至16:18,拉响“空袭警报”,鸣6秒,停6秒,重复15次,持续3分钟。16:27至16:30,拉响“解除警报”,连续鸣响3分钟。昨日,长江日报官方、微博和头条号对武汉抗日战争沦陷纪念日的来由及历史进行了回顾,引发市民关注。1000余位网友参与投票,其中有近四成人对武汉抗日战争沦陷纪念日“知道一些,不是太清楚”。【留言摘录】不能忘却的历史@云中波:日本的侵略造成我家三口人死亡,爷爷被抓到岳阳打死,外婆在逃难途中被日本的硫磺炸弹熏死在岳阳的地窖中,二伯父随县府西迁途中被日本鬼子投弹炸死,不可能忘却的。@张涛:我爷爷94岁,当年在武汉关一个包子铺做学徒看着日本人上岸的。然后是无尽的逃难,湖南,四川,逃了小半个中国。谈起这些,依然老泪纵横。@明天的阳光:牢记历史,是为了更好地迎来未来。武汉沦陷的七年中,日本侵略者丧尽天良,干尽坏事,我们一定不能忘记。牢记历史,是为了激发大家的爱国热情,有国才有家。建设好国家,发展好武汉,才是我们的共同目标!@贝贝:当年直到10月26日还有中山舰在继续战斗,还有至今未打捞起的升隆号在继续战斗,还有很多战士在继续战斗,生命不息,抗战不止,保卫武汉。@yummyyummy:不能忘却的历史。@钱:武汉抗日战争沦陷日,永远不能忘记的历史,勿忘国耻,武汉人不容忘却的痛!警钟长鸣,勿忘国耻@静悟轩主:我们要铭记历史,不要忘记来路,走好今天的路,才能有发展的出路!@lize珆:武汉沦陷日,鸣笛警示,勿忘国耻!@辛辛辛欢:每次看到几几年几月几日中国的哪哪沦陷,总有一种鼻子一酸的感觉。受苦了中国,受苦了那时候的那些中国人。国旗升起,便是胜利!@中国梦:警钟长鸣!让我们永远不要忘记这段悲伤的历史、奋发图强、振兴我大武汉!@木子yilian:要感激不断奋斗拼搏的国人,摆脱困苦,保家卫国永远值得尊敬。@冯贤桥:每年这个时刻鸣响声:告诫人们勿忘国耻,保卫大武汉,把我们的家园建设得更强大!@韩风:今天是武汉历史上难忘的日子,警钟长鸣,勿忘国耻。记住1938年10月25日为抗日战争武汉沦陷纪念日。关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: