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The landlord and tenant disputes are everywhere house house paint Ms. Liao painted from Jiulongpo District Public Security Bureau News "money" Ms. Liao painted red house in Jiulongpo: Ms. Liu will own a house rental, at the expiration of the contract, but the tenant had disputes and. Because of this problem, in October 19th, Ms. Liu found his house was sprayed at the red paint, everywhere in the house to write "money", but she called the police. Last October, Ms. Liao will house the Jiulongpo District Jinlong Road rent to Guangdong to the high of a boy, had received 3000 yuan rental deposit. In October 19th this year, a one-year contract to Ms. Liu, who went to the rental housing. The original phone is good to return the deposit, the rental house, Ms. Liu found the bed shower nozzle, backrest and other objects were damaged, demanding a maintenance after the deposit back. Ms. Liu said, the original maintenance requires only two hundred or three hundred dollars, but this caused a high dissatisfaction, the other is that Ms. Liao deliberately finding fault, tried to get out of this 3000 yuan of money, from both sides of the dispute, fruitless negotiations. Ms. Liao left the rental housing, received a call from neighbors, neighbors said that her house Water Leakage. Unexpectedly, Ms. Liu returned to the rental housing, found the kitchen faucet were all open water, the furniture in the room had been soaked in water; the wall, floor, cabinets, TV, bed was sprayed on multiple red paint, write "money everywhere". At the same time, the high of a family had moved away from the house, not the audio. Ms. Liao trembling with anger, immediately dialed 110, she suspected that it was a high painting and open faucet to vent their anger. At present, the police are now in investigation. Police remind the damage to their personal belongings behavior is illegal, once verified, the police will be processed in accordance with the law. For further reading, not related with the landlord and tenant reason actually just to strike violently 10 yuan

房东与租客发生纠纷 房子到处被喷红漆“还钱”廖女士的房子内被喷漆廖女士的房子内被喷漆来自九龙坡区公安分局的消息:九龙坡的廖女士将自己的一套房子出租,在合同期满时,却和租客发生了纠纷。就因为这点麻烦,10月19日,廖女士发现自己的房子被喷了多处红漆,房子里到处写着“还钱”,无奈之下她报了警。去年十月,廖女士将九龙坡区锦龙路的一处房子租给了广东来的小伙子高某一家,当时收了3000元的租房押金。到今年10月19日,一年期合同到了,廖女士如约来到出租房。原本电话里说好是来退还押金的,可到了出租屋后,廖女士发现洗澡用的喷头、床的靠背等物件被损坏,要求高某维修好后再退押金。廖女士说,原本维修只需要两三百块钱,但这引起了高某的不满,对方认为是廖女士故意找茬,想赖掉这3000元钱,双方起了争执、协商无果。廖女士离开出租房后,接到邻居的电话,邻居称发现她的房子漏水。没想到,廖女士再次回到出租房,发现厨房水龙头全部被打开放着水,屋子里的家具早就被水浸泡;墙上、地板上、柜子上、电视上、床上被喷了多处红漆,到处都写着“还钱”。而此时,高某一家早就搬离出租屋,没了音讯。廖女士气得浑身发抖,立即拨打了110报警,她怀疑是高某喷漆并打开水龙头泄愤。目前,现在警方已立案调查。民警提醒,损坏他人私人财物的行为属于违法行为,一经查证属实,警方将依法对其进行处理。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 房东与租客大打出手 原因竟只是为了10元钱相关的主题文章: