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69 years ago the public collectors was mostly private housing land permits all – Beijing 69 years ago the land certificate. Reporter Shi Qian photo. Jingchu net news (reporter Shi Qian) for many people, land certificates, real estate license is not strange. September 12th, a collection of 69 years ago by the Wuchang municipal government (then title) issued a land certificate appeared in Wuhan. The collection of Wuhan red collectors Jiang Xiaoping all. On the same day, Jiang Xiaoping showed reporters a 69 years ago, "land ownership". He explained that the land ownership of the collection is the Republic of Wuchang mayor Yang Jinyu in the Republic of China thirty-six years (1947) issued in June 6th. Long yellow thin Xuan paper, with the traditional printed "land ownership" for black bold characters. This piece of land certificate is in accordance with the unified format, from the right to the left vertical traditional printing, surrounded by bold black thick border and a box frame is the detailed content of the certificate, the owner’s name, section, location, and area of the hand, the rest are printed. Reporters found that although the certificate slightly worn, but the above handwriting, seal is still clearly visible. The reporter saw the detailed contents of the certificate, the specific number of Wuchang municipal government Wu Jiao No. 000986 ", the project land section, located, area, four, number, category, price, improvement situation made clear complete. But when the land did not indicate the use of the term, and now the land permits and real estate certificates have a term of use. From the content to fill the shows that the land is located in the first district of Wuchang City, is located in the temple land area of nanmu, zero seven minutes two per cent had one mu. Department of the Republic of China in May 24th thirty-six years to buy registration. When the old price Wuwanqiqianlubai yuan, total Siwanyi thousand yuan Sibaiba pickup. The certificate is sometimes left the mayor of Wuchang, Yang Jinyu’s blue signature handwriting, certificate of the upper left corner with a face value of stamps of the Republic of China. The red ten million yuan. At the same time also stamped with the Wuchang municipal government, the red seal. The bottom left corner of the certificate is also stamped with an oval "Wuchang municipal government" seal. Relevant experts, the Republic of China’s land and houses are mostly private, housing owner occupied, when the housing is attached as a land attachment. The sale of land by the parties to contract and pay taxes to the government, the local government after tax stamp stamp issued to the buyer certificate by the local government Lands Branch specific handling. Land titles as witnessed important historical data of the land ownership change, truly reflects the land ownership system, land ownership change and land management system, and even reflect the Wuchang city in the period of social, economic, political and cultural development. In this sense, the land certificate is the study of the Wuchang municipal government at the time of the land management of a valuable historical information.相关的主题文章: