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The story: I am Rex Sohu – this is a mother exudes a touch of sadness story. When the tyrannosaurus after being hit by a stone, like a pterosaur mom and dad did care for him, when Rex good after injury, pterosaurs and the Tyrannosaurus Rex and also do not become friends. "Do not know, Rex actually knew he is a pterosaur, truly grateful to him; Rex did not know, pterosaurs knew he will be fine, and may eat their good after, but still really help pterosaur rex. In the end, what was the result of a good friend? Could have become a pair of friends so separated. Maybe one day they’ll meet again. That time, Rex can remember the pterosaurs, also can remember the tyrannosaurus pterosaur. They can be good friends again. A children’s Book Museum Scarecrow = = = = = = = = a children’s book published "Museum of world children’s literature masterpiece" Ozzy "in the picture gallery" adventures in Wonderland as hundreds of books (both in the Amazon Chinese, shop to buy). More parenting and children’s reading information, please pay attention to WeChat ` ` ` ` the public account number: Scarecrow books Museum (micro letter ` ` No. dcr-books, long press copy), Guan ` note after the reply: the children receive free, more convenient to receive exciting information, please click the subscription in the lower right corner Sohu: children reading相关的主题文章: