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Three warriors Fantasy: 74 regular season playoff win swept to victory if warriors win every game 45 points NBA new season will be dull sports news US media Tencent in October 14th "bluemanhoop" columnist Charles Rahrig wrote today, a list of three high expectations for the new season of his warriors. But Rahrig also pointed out that these three expectations are unrealistic, because it is expected three – 74 regular season wins, Durant and Currie were shot at the MVP level, the playoffs swept to victory. Durant, curry and Green in the 2015-16 season in the regular season, the warriors made 73 wins 9 of the negative myth, but in the finals they are 3-1 in the leading case of knight was reversed. So for the new season, the warriors eager to regain the championship, scoring four and Durant to join, let people have higher expectations for the new season of warriors. Here are some unrealistic expectations: 3, Durant and curry curry and Durant MVP are making performance level have become the new season of MVP candidates, and one of them winning, because there is no precedent in history also share MVP two. The idea is that some of the players, in fact, no matter which one of them, it is difficult to win MVP in the new season, because they may get a lot of rest during the regular season. Warriors will fight for the West first, they should be the first in the west, but compared to a pile of personal honor, the team is more willing to take the championship home. 2, the regular season 74 wins this has been a hot topic, because after the addition of Durant, the warriors will go to the pursuit of the regular season, the top 74? Will they? Of course, will they? Most of them will not. De Raymond – Green has said that they are not the same as last season. They have the ability to hit the 74 win of the regular season, but they will be more focused on keeping their health at the start of the playoffs. Last season, the warriors made 73 wins, but lost the championship now, their focus is to regain the championship. Durant to the Warriors is not for the regular season record, he came here for the championship, so it is expected that the new season will win about 65 warriors, and let the main players get plenty of rest. 1, the playoffs swept the opponent to win the championship champion is expected to be reasonable, last season they lost only 1 Games from the championship. There is no excuse, after Durant joined, the team needs a championship. So what is unrealistic expectations? It is natural that they swept their opponents in the playoffs. This expectation is obviously unrealistic, even if they swept the Western rivals in the first three rounds, but it is difficult to sweep the Cavaliers in the finals. In the last two years in the finals, the warriors and the Cavaliers played a total of 13 games. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: