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The sources deny Lippi return to critical moment will never make military – Sohu information times (reporter Baiyun sports) social network again that Lippi will return to Guangzhou Hengda coach yesterday, Italy media carried a follow-up report, claiming that Lippi has reached an agreement with Hengda, Hengda will return to the coach for next season, and the current Hengda coach Marcello Scolari will not going to sign. But this argument is a rumor, saying now in season to coach the team for what was too early. Hengda Xuanshuai have a mature system, and reached an agreement with Lippi, rumors are false." Yesterday, a close Hengda told Information Times reporter Tao rumor. "Every year at the crucial moment to attack the champion, there came such interference of sound," the source added: "now is the most important moment of the season, the club will never make such a move from random." Lippi in the 2012 mid season to Hengda, until the end of the 2014 season, a total of 126 games coached Hengda, 82 wins 23 flat 21 negative results, winning percentage as high as 65.08%. In addition he led Hengda three consecutive super finish and won the FA Cup in 2012, 2013 is led Hengda won the championship and won the AFC Champions League, season best coach. After leaving the position of Hengda coach, Lippi also served as a technical director of the team for a short time, but then resigned. It is said that the current plight of the Shanghai port club, also in contact with Lippi. Lippi left the team Hengda, the Hong Kong Shanghai almost completely took over the Lippi estate, including his professional translation, El Kessen love and work in a team doctor. In particular, the latter, in his departure Hengda this period of time, just happens to be one of the largest Hengda injury.相关的主题文章: