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Coach: Knight Knight ring more than two pieces of the more significant 2016-2017 preseason review two young knight into a bright spot bench still need reinforcing Tencent sports news October 25th Cavaliers coach Taryn Lu in the safe collection of two championship precious ring, that is he in the Wang dynasties got. After the opener, Lu’s ring box can also increase a. He said: "led the knight to get the ring than the Lakers got two rings more meaningful." The seventh finals Lu and knight championship rings and other positive rings, with diamonds, knight team logo emblazoned with "C" pattern, the pattern of a NBA championship ring, the ring two respectively "WORLD (the world)" and "CHAMPIONS (Championship)" the ring, engraved with the words of cleveland. "It’s hard to come by," he said. "It means a lot to me. I didn’t seem to be in a difficult situation when the Lakers won the championship, but we were winning all the time. But last season is not the same, our opponents played in the finals 1-3 Petals drop and waters flow., behind, but fortunately we survived. Since I took over the team, the team has been overcoming difficulties, so the ring is more meaningful than the first two." Lu is not going to wear this ring in his hand, he is not the kind of people who like to wear gold and silver, but he is very low-key, never show off. But this does not mean that he does not care about the ring, he said he intends to unveil the ring ceremony before the opening of the war cry, as he did after the finals. After the knight’s epic comeback, Lou sat on the bench and burst into tears. "When I was a coach, I had the same question as coach Blatter, especially when we were 1-3 down, it was really hard." Asked why he was so emotional, Lou said, "I think of my mother and grandmother, who had fought with cancer. At the end of the game I think of them in a moment, so the mood will not be controlled." "Tears are a way to release emotions, I was happy tears, because no one in the finals 1-3 behind the reversal, and we do it. I can’t tell what it feels like, but I just wanted to cry. Back in is not optimistic about the situation, we are really great." In the new round of the ring ceremony, Lu’s mother will attend. As has been fighting cancer, she once see Lu in January this year, when Lu or Blatter coach and assistant coach, has now become the team’s helmsman. Lu sister and his father also came to the scene, but it is a pity that his grandmother had to travel. "I know it will be a very special day, the city of Cleveland, this title means too much. The players, the coaching staff, the management and our fans have put too much effort into the championship, but don’t forget we have a game to play. I know the scene will be very sensational, but I will control their own. We have done our predecessors.相关的主题文章: