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James: Warrior is the strongest opponent when the only time that James Chinese retired for interview: questioning motivation Xiangjie The Silencer celebrations meaning sports news today September 12th Tencent Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James opened China for the Beijing Railway Station, the "little emperor" at the Tencent studio, to participate in the "break the question" theme activities. Interactive session, James answered three fans of the three questions. James, the first fan of the Tencent Studio: this year’s finals is a great series in the history of NBA, especially in the seventh Jinzhou braves home, do you think you have changed after the game? James: it was an incredible game. It’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen since the NBA finals. Jinzhou braves history record is the first, I met the most formidable opponent, can beat them to become a part of history, I am honored, this is nothing to change. That was a special moment for me. Wang Meng: so now you see the game, what’s different? James: Yes, it is. When you’re in the middle of the game, a lot of things to look at when we realize, because when you play the game, will miss a lot of things. I watch a lot of videos and see where I and the team can do better and see what I missed on the court. No one is perfect, nor am I, and I can make mistakes. It’s hard to look back on what happened. Second fans: before you said you want to hit the age of 40, now you have not thought of playing to the age of 42? James: I feel pretty good, especially after so much last year, and now my body is no problem. I’ll keep on fighting until one day my body says no to me, or my passion is gone. But it’s not possible, because I love basketball too much. So, only time knows the answer. All I know is that no one can change God’s choice, but I will try my best to overcome all the difficulties. Wang Meng: do you feel your body is getting better? Or is there any change in the body? James: I feel good, both physically and mentally, both on the court and in life. Let life in order, do a good job of importance, first do the most important thing for you, put the unimportant things in the end. Third fans: nice to meet you. Welcome to Beijing. We all know you have a celebration. Can you tell us the story behind it? Wang Meng: he has a lot of ways to celebrate. Which one are you talking about? (the fan came on stage to perform the James classic celebration). James: I called it The Silencer, and I always do this in the away game. There are a lot of boos, there are a lot of rowdy fans, of course, those who doubt you. Whenever I play a wonderful performance, or hit the key ball, this action is to tell everyone, I will put all of your questions down, let them know that I am the king of the field. He did a good job. I like it very much. Wang Meng: now we know James.相关的主题文章: