Wang Baoshan don’t think ahead can be equalized began to prepare for the next adjustment-乃々果花

Wang Baoshan: don’t think ahead can be equalized and began to prepare for the next adjustment completely lose Chongchao opportunities sina sports news on September 25th afternoon, to continue the twenty-eighth round of the league in the league, the Beijing team against Meizhou and Hakka in Fengtai sports center and the home court, the leading 3:1 in the case of a 3:3 flat by the opponent Chongchao, completely lost the chance. After the end of the game, and the team coach Wang Baoshan first said: in the case of the first throw a ball, can be reversed to 3 to 1 is not easy. There are many players injured for this game, so we use a lot of young players, preparing for the next season. We are on the list of 18 people from the reserve team on the transfer of the two young players, observation and understanding. The young players in the game have been trained and the coaching staff have also been observed. But the young players paid the fee through the match. 3 to 1 did not win, I am sorry. We still have a long way to go. Have an understanding of the opponent’s ability to help the next season. When asked yesterday Guizhou and Qingdao the Yellow Sea results, whether to let the team rushed overweight burning hope, Wang Baoshan bluntly: certainly, yesterday’s results for our good, but our entire staff is not serious. Sign up for the reserve team. Want to use the game to train young players, so as to reflect the true level of players. Then, before the theory on the ultra possibility, why many young players in the game? In this regard, Wang Baoshan said: because 3 to 1 of the score and then the scene is very good, the other was suppressed by us, but also a serious disconnect, I do not think that will happen later. But the young players did not play more relaxed. We will never give up any hope, change when the scene has been completely controlled. The two ball is not good, this is the young players will make mistakes. A year later, the players are eager to play, but the results are very sorry. This year’s journey is over, when it comes to the use of words to summarize the right, which needs to be improved in the next year? Wang Baoshan said: two aspects. One is the reason why we will lose the game, but also in the leading and dominant situation. I think it is the super and medium armor. This year the first hit, the winter at the time of preparation also played a lot in a warm-up match. The match is always in the game, we always think can easily win, this is the most need to improve. On the other hand, this year, our own suffered a series of injuries, and even a few are not fully prepared. Today, there are 6 players can not play. Lack of continuity in this lineup, hope next season to change. Finally, talk about how to rebuild the team next season, how to re create the super squad, which need to be adjusted. Wang Baoshan said, for the adjustment of foreign aid, we have started to prepare. In some places, we think it is not suitable to leave, we need to be contacted, hope to introduce. Want to change a state in this year’s game. (Yu Jing)相关的主题文章: