Russian aircraft carrier dispatched 33 air strikes extremist organizations killed an important leade-瀬名アスカ

Russian aircraft carrier air strikes extremist organizations dispatched 33 Su Syria killed an important leader – the only Russian Military Channel Sohu active aircraft carrier USS Kuznetsov dispatched 16 aircraft to Syria, extremist organization "conquer the front" attack, killing the important leader Ali asphar in?. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J confirmed on the 17, "Kuznetsov" aircraft equipped with the Su – 33 heavy carrier based fighter 16, located in the west of northern Idlib province Syria a conquering front stronghold bombing, killing at least 30 terrorists, the important leader Ali Asefa Lee was killed?. Kona Schenker J said, Ali? Asefa Lee directs "conquering the front" entrenched in Syria of Aleppo province and the province of HAMA illegal armed forces, he had orchestrated the organization attack on Aleppo. "Kuznetsov" is currently the only Russian carriers in service, with a displacement of about 65 thousand tons, equipped with heavy carrier based fighter Su Su 33 25UTG attack machine, card and card 29 27 antisubmarine helicopter transport helicopter etc.. Since its first launch in 1985, the carrier has completed its 7 ocean voyage.相关的主题文章: