How much is the price for intellectuals to stick to their ideals-matlab 等高线�

Stick to the ideal intellectuals what is the price of "water" the donkey is released, made the film in the creation of a widening, is a victory for serious. The people looking at the smile, smile and smile and cry of the works, so that the majority of viewers are sensitive to the film, is in the form of comedy about a tragedy — it’s tragedy is about the fate of the core culture. In the film comedy about a tragedy from the city village elementary school, four schools with common dream character backgrounds of the teacher, with a donkey posing as fifth of the teachers, to solve the problem of water and resources, the Ministry of education in the face of the upcoming correspondent, refers to the horse deer to complete the mission impossible. The movie "donkey" water background story on the Anti Japanese war in the early 40s, every feature of much ridicule, give a person a kind of Psychedelic nationalism. Serious and critical of the story, also suffered a happy twist comedy and entertainment marketing era, produced a subtle chemical reaction. As the slogan says, "a joke, you can cry", this let a person looking at the smile, smile and smile and cry works, most of the audience are sensitive to the film what what it was in the expression in the form of the comedy about a tragedy. Of course, it is the core of the tragedy of the fate of the cultural people, intellectuals are more likely to receive some information from them, they will get two feelings from the film, one is happy, one is a humiliation. The power to crush the dignity of intellectuals may be from the four teachers in the film. These four teachers, are the four cultural people, the basic representative of the culture of the people of the image of the four, the style of the four. Sun Henghai’s primary school principals and school Chinese teacher, he is the power of people, in order to keep the school and the development of local education, he moved in a superior and subordinate colleagues, with compromise and sacrifice in exchange for survival; Zhang Yiman is accounting and mathematics teacher, external amorous inside a simple one, the pursuit of freedom female, but suffered from a lack of respect for women in the environment of humiliation; Pei Kuishan taught and director of the history teacher, this role is very interesting, his image as history often betray; Zhou Tienan is a science teacher, teaching the most neglected courses, there are blind and naive boy want to, by virtue of their weak strength to defend the moral bottom line, but in the face of the bullet and heat shock, bend the knees. Three male teachers, Zhou Tienan the most distressed. He was wearing clean clothes, unlike the other two male teachers that have different degree of insignificant, is a quiet temperament character, but as long as the face of unfair things, he is always the first to come forward. Zhou Tienan represents a kind of idealized imagination of intellectuals in the times. You will invariably think in the difficulties and hardships in the environment, keep clean elegant life attitude, is the intellectual; evil in the darkness, with your heart faint light to the public wants, is the intellectual; at times lie exposed the emperor’s new clothes, is the real intellectuals…… These, Zhou Tienan has done, but the real intellectuals in the bad times, there is no good luck, but he.相关的主题文章: