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"Jing Lei" debut Tianyue "Virgo" will continue to fall to push the standard – Entertainment Sohu Yue Lei deus ex Sohu entertainment news recently, by the Shandong media group, Shandong film Limited by Share Ltd produced the youth costume legendary drama "scared" in the fall of 2016 tacu Lei Beijing television program Fair grand debut. The show by the famous director Guo Jianyong, directed by Xie Ze, Qian Xiaohong served as producer, Bian Zhihong Wu Nan, coauthor of the screenwriter, undertake "Nirvana in Fire" to create a fine for the hills. Yue Lei and Xia Yunfei sweet "Jing Lei" by Tianyue starring Gao Yunxiang, Li Man, Zhu Zixiao, Shi Xiaolong, Liu Yuxin, Zhang Zijien, Wang Lin and Yu Rongguang co starred in, tells the story of Yue Fei, the second son of Yue Lei (Gao Yunxiang ornaments) and vowed to revenge, O prince in Wu Chi Cong (Zhu Zixiao), the daughter of Xia Yunfei (Li Manshi) and the arena ‘s help, embarked on a very touching and the cause of the road signs of danger appearing everywhere, and eventually eradicate the traitor, rectify the story of the universe. "Scared" of making young Lei Tianyue build all ages "drama" scared "implementation of the" young Thunder Mountain "route, starring Gao Yunxiang, Li Man, Zhu Zixiao and Shi Xiaolong are both popular and the strength of the young actor. Producer Qian Xiaohong for the choice of actors has high standards and strict requirements: "now the biggest feature of the TV market is" big star ", lost little fresh fresh, youthful atmosphere is very important, so we in the choice of actors as young. If let three, more than and 40 year old female star to play teenage girl, or with a young boy of the age of more than and 20, may be the audience will play. Our cast is only about ten years old." In addition, the match between the actors also make Qian Xiaohong "fuck broken heart": "actor collocation must emphasize harmony also want to pay attention to differentiation, such as Yue Lei and Xia Yunfei’s height, image, age collocation should be harmonious. Female one and female two, male and male number one, the style of the United States is completely different, there is recognition of the degree of two. TV actor is the trade distribution, is the distribution of net ugly end, what role must be what the actor must be appropriate, harmony is the important premise to be good to hear or see." It is a team on the actor’s strict control, to Gao Yunxiang, Li Man and the fresh flowers and Zhang Zijien, Wang Lin, Yu Rongguang and other old play bone together to play every role to meet the right people". Although the production of young, but Qian Xiaohong think this is a full age can watch the play. For young people, this movie is perhaps the idol drama, for the elderly, more show is patriotism and nationalism. Yamakage "Virgo" outbreak swarm costumes are elegant in recent years, with the number of hillshade of well made drama has become the Chinese mainland TV production benchmark, more netizens shouted "hillshade produced, will be fine" slogan. "Scared" the crew continued the Thunder Mountain Mountain team has always been the "Virgo" nature, has an almost "paranoid" pursuit in the visual presentation. Before the production team of domestic and foreign TV drama color collocation, and ultimately determine the "surprise" the overall tone of partial Lei Tian yue.相关的主题文章: