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National network information office network broadcast platform: the new regulations clearly the main responsibility original title: the political solution | national network information office issued new regulations: clear the main responsibility for broadcast platform Beijing News News (reporter Li Dandan) in November 4th, the national Internet Information Office issued the "Internet broadcast service management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). Experts said that the current stage of individual live platform to ignore the legal and moral responsibility, laissez faire or even encourage network anchor violations, while the provisions of the main body of the platform is clearly defined. Communication law research center of China University of Political Science and Law deputy director Zhu Wei said, China’s network broadcast practice, widely exists in pursuit of commercial interests, ignoring the legal and moral bottom line network anchor, with "hints", "swearing" and "limelight" and "hype", "curiosity" as the representative of the vulgarization and no the bottom line trend, has been transformed into a webcast show significant tendency of illegal. He believes that the current network platform business model is entirely based on the network red economy on the basis of. Therefore, the individual live platform to ignore the legal and moral responsibility, laissez faire or even encourage network anchor violations, the industry, the community and the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users have serious consequences. Zhu Wei said, according to the network broadcast in these problems, combined with real-time, widely and control features such as network broadcast, "Regulations" to further clarify the network broadcast platform should implement the main responsibility". Network broadcast platform is not only the network service provider, the service platform should use the content of the performance of the diligent regulators and control technology in responsibility, including regulatory responsibility, technical responsibility, identity authentication system and information security responsibility responsibility. Taking the supervision system of responsibility as an example, the "provision" clearly "platform should be equipped with professional management personnel to adapt to the scale and service, establish and improve the information audit and information security system, improve the" patrol duty "," emergency "management measures. Perfect the supervision system, will greatly eliminate the use of illegal behavior of the webcast, maintenance of Internet users especially the young audience’s legitimate rights and interests. Another example of true identity authentication system of responsibility, the "Regulations" will be webcast of the real name system is divided into two levels: the user needs in accordance with the "common foreground voluntary webcast, background real name" principle, mobile phone numbers and other ways to make certification; network anchor should be carried out in accordance with the certification of identity documents, business license and organization code certificate. The main responsibility of the network platform in the real name system is to verify the identity of the network anchor, in the provincial network to do the record, and in accordance with the law enforcement agencies to provide a query. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: