Be very careful in reckoning! Tokyo Olympic medals will be clever use of recycling mobile phone prod-antik

Be very careful in reckoning! Tokyo Olympic medals will be "smart" mobile phone recycling production – Beijing, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games organizing committee spokesman Ono Hiko said on the 9, the concept of environmental friendly of the Tokyo Olympic Games, they will appeal to the Japanese people to collect old mobile phone and other discarded home electronic products, in order to use recycled metal materials to make the Olympic medals. Onokazu told reporters the same day, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have made use of recycled metal materials to produce medals precedent. This year, the Brazil Olympic Games in Rio, the recovery of metal has also been integrated into the production process of gold and bronze. Turning to how many of the Tokyo Olympic medals will be clever use of recycled metal, Onokazu said the details need to be finalized. According to estimates of the Tokyo organizing committee, the production of all 5000 gold, silver, bronze requires about two tons of metal materials. Earlier, the Tokyo Olympic Committee due to the high cost of the main venue suffered criticism from all sides, had to replace the design. A report from the expert group’s report pointed out last month, if not, the Tokyo Olympic Games "very careful in reckoning" will cost $30 billion, is 4 times the Tokyo Olympic Games first budget. (Xinhua Yan Jie) [micro].相关的主题文章: