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University of Tokyo will officially launch the 22 academic papers involved in fraud investigation – Sohu news Beijing September 20,   according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s University of Tokyo announced that 20, around 22 of six papers published by the research room of the school refers to the problems of fabrication and falsification, according to the results of a preliminary investigation, acknowledged the existence of fraud the investigation committee may, then a formal investigation. According to the East, said the survey is the six Department of operating medicine and Life Sciences Department of the laboratory. Alleged fraud papers have these professors jointly published. The committee is composed of experts from outside the school. In addition to the relevant persons to understand the situation and the investigation of experimental materials and experimental records, if necessary, will be re experiment. East is expected to be able to determine the existence of fraud within six months, and the results of the survey. The survey of six professors, including former president of the East hospital. In the room side on the research interview, the other replies that "hope (school) public relations department", and the East Public Relations Department said "not open (the survey’s name)". The paper is accused of doubt from 2003 to published in the British science journal "nature", a total of 22 papers this year, based on the contents of lifestyle related diseases and heart disease. Due to receive an anonymous report letter said the picture and the picture of the presence of the synthesis and tampering of the suspect, the East since August conducted a preliminary investigation.相关的主题文章: