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"Chinese relation" viewing audience praising the full victory – Sohu "China acting online entertainment type"   Sohu; entertainment news by Tianma image film company limited, Shanghai nine deer Television Productions Ltd, happy blue ocean film culture group Limited by Share Ltd jointly produced, Shen Yan, Liu Haibo directed the joint Chen Jianbin, Ma, Zhao Lixin? Hu He, Ye Yiyun, Xu, Li Yeping, Tian Xiaojie, and Lv Zhong, three generations of the strength of the actors were co starred in the TV series "Chinese type relationship" is currently Beijing TV, dragon tv. The show aired for two days, the video frequency collection success, not only premiered broken one 1, two consecutive days, Beijing, east two ratings are ranked the top three rankings ratings. Viewing all the way at the same time, the "full acting online" is the audience of the play received critical acclaim. But it is because the actor who plays the good acting, and mother-in-law of Li Yeping has also attracted a lot of viewers condemning. The audience for "bad review", dedicated to the old play bone said Li Yeping was not afraid of the audience "Curse": "not because of fear of being scolded, erasing the color of the characters." "China type relationship" received video viewers praised: full broadcast success online "China type" acting relationship, not negative industry expectations, the audience at one fell swoop started viewing first. Whether 35 or 52, the city has ranked the top three ratings. In this full of drama, fantasy IP, spy war movie and TV drama market, returning to realism "China relation", immediately get fatigued audience a booster. By virtue of human society China portray nuanced description, premiered on the two day he won the audience rave reviews, many of the audience shouted "until you finally, but fortunately I did not give up." The audience said, "how is it like drama plot, fast-paced and funny again and again, too". The audience "fish pot pancake." said: "TV drama" China recommended relationship ", the play is directed at the moment the realism of life theme of the drama, the novel point of view, it has written the system inside and outside the living conditions of the characters and mentality of cold humor, just look at the two sets, was unable to stop." The audience is more evaluation, the play is not the most idiotic, young, more commendable is "full acting online": "from yesterday’s two sets, this should be the best this year to see drama, the most powerful is that, you know this is a drama, but everything is not completely the speech, very realistic, very Chinese relation." In addition to a series of comments on the story and the members of the stars, there is a part of the evaluation is "angry" sound occupied originally, they were the actor Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) spicy mother-in-law (Li Yeping ornaments) to a gas. The mother-in-law, a debut, with three nirvana. First, it is a "make unfounded countercharges his daughter" was derailed, Fanwu Ma Guoliang had a mistress, without asthma tongued "talk show" a be struck dumb. Again a "sit SAPO", in order not to be swept out immediately like a few years old child to sit on. One last trick face stunt, not only tears freely, too"相关的主题文章: