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Taiwan media Zhou Yukou accused Ma Ying-Jeou of a vault was sentenced to apologize: the original title accused Ma Ying-Jeou Zhou Yukou was sentenced to a vault to apologize in new network on 31 August, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan media alleged Zhou Yukou deep before the "new Taiwan Humanistic Education Foundation" with 1 billion yuan (NT, the same below is Ma Ying-Jeou) assets, treasury, "New Taiwanese foundation" that Zhou Yukou alleged false, Sue claims 1 yuan, and asked her in the "United Daily News" and "beautiful island newsletter" the 5 media published an apology to clarify. The Taipei district court sentenced Zhou Yukou to 4 pm today, to the newspaper to apologize, but without compensation 1 yuan, can still appeal. Zhou Yukou (left) accused the leaders of the Taiwan region Ma Ying-Jeou (right) before accepting new political donations, in the local court acquitted, Ma Ying-Jeou appealed to the Taiwan high court, August 2nd "high court" trial, two people personally appear. The United Daily data according to "new Taiwan humanistic education foundation, pointed out that the foundation is Ma Ying-Jeou in 1999 years, to run for mayor of Taipei grants 12 million yuan, current assets of about 23 million yuan, but Ma Ying-Jeou did not hold any position in the fund, the fund will not contribute to political figures, Zhou Yukou’s statement to speak, spread false statements, is infringement. Zhou Yukou Ma Ying-Jeou argued that the powerful, for the "new Taiwan humanistic education foundation, from all walks of life have been discussed for she is Ma in the role of foundations is discussed, and comments, not malicious, and let the foundation withstand the test, it is also a good thing. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: