Sherry Saya Chang praised the song sister love behind her-cad2012序列号和密钥

Sherry Saya Chang praised the song sister love behind the super Tencent entertainment news yesterday, Taiwan singer Saya Chang after a lapse of eleven years, the new single "love what" first, today the online line. As the Taiwan pop diva Saya Chang behind sister sister, the beautiful and new songs praising a love, love your sister ""! Saya Chang’s new single was released yesterday, sparked heated debate on the Internet, the long-awaited fans and last year due to The Voice of China love on her friends have more people download, infinite loop, said more listen to more good, more listen to more fun. It is reported that this song was released in order to rush deadlines, in front of the line on the full version, as the sister of the Taiwan rock star Sherry also like everyone in the network for the first time heard the song sister. Mei on this new song of praise, continuously in a number of its own social networking platform shouts behind sister. Mei Sun sister not only new single cover more beautiful pictures, with all the friends praising sister until you finally, new super, super love you". As everyone knows Saya Chang is the smallest Zhang nine brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters grew up under the care, more particularly close relationship with Sherry. Two people were in the middle of 90s debut, sister Mei to individual singer swept the Chinese music circle, sister saya with cousin Raya A Meimei made achievements in music composition. From his debut, Sherry has been meticulous care of sister’s life and work, in addition to the invitation to participate in their sister tour guests, more in the music business to sister suggestions. Since last year, Saya Chang The Voice of China regression stage of a high-profile comeback music, Sherry Beijing concert and invited his sister with the chorus, so many fans high earthshaking, let everyone in the two sisters music cooperation is full of expectations. Saya Chang this song by the famous music composer, lyricist Xiao Ke teacher in Taiwan gold doll teacher lyrics, Diva queen producer Huang Guanlong produced singles "love and how" has been launched in the major music platform.相关的主题文章: