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Across the road to revival of the "Mountain Grassland" – Sohu news Xi Jinping in the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March memorial meeting of the general secretary said, the new long march on the road, the development of the urgent task of reform is arduous, extremely hard and bitter. The realization of "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the China dream, its pioneering, arduous and complex nature, no less than the long march. Around the cadres and the masses said: remember the long march spirit, carry forward the spirit of the Long March, we crossed the Fuxing Road "Mountain Grassland" on the road ", overcome Loushanguan, lazikou". General secretary told the story of a half bed quilt, which caused two people resonate. 80 years ago, Hunan sand village Xu Jiexiu home for the 3 Red Army female soldiers, when wanting to own only a quilt, cut half for the elderly. Xu Jiexiu’s two son, Zhu Zhongxiong, "she said," mother, we have liberated peace and will come to see you. For more than half a century, the old woman never came back. 30 years ago, the old man walking on the Long March, dug into the story. Economic Daily former deputy editor in chief Luo Kaifu: left the Communist Party and the Red Army’s feelings, leaving the people’s understanding of the Communist Party and miss. What is the Communist Party? Is like a quilt, also want to cut half to the people who. Over the past 80 years, sand village also changed, the old man’s great grandson, and he is now director of the village, villagers are planning, how to become rich. Xu Jiexiu’s great grandson Zhu Xiangqun: General Secretary Xi said that every generation with each generation of the long march road, my long road is with the masses, poverty. There is faith in the heart, strength at the foot. The whole walk 25 thousand Li Long March Ji’an old Red Army Ceng Guangchang told reporters that the Communist Party is the heart of the people of faith, is the support for him to finish a staunch force of the long march. Jiangxi Ji’an old red Ceng Guangchang: people can not stand without the spirit, no spirit is not strong, not the spirit, not the belief, how do you go to war, you can win? Without this spirit, there is no such a happy life. 80 years later, to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the Communists, the task has changed, but the purpose has not changed, that is, let the people live a better life. General Fan Ziyu’s son Fan Zhiyong: the Red Army martyrs who shed blood, they had lofty ideals, is to let people have a good life. The new Hubei Jianli Xiangyang Community Party branch secretary Gu Xiangping: people is the day, people are (General Secretary), this is called on us to the grass-roots party organizations always put the interests of the people first. Walking on the road to recovery, our reform is extremely hard and bitter. No less than the long march. Vice president of Shenzhen University Li Fengliang: today the reform to the various problem in the deepwater area, economic and social culture to tackle tough we need to face. Guangxi Nanning Jiangnan district cadres Wei Wenqing: (reform) the rest is hard to reform and development.相关的主题文章: