Beijing National Day golden week weather Beijing early – late cooling haze, Beijing-sql2005安装图解

Beijing National Day golden week weather: Beijing early – late cooling haze, Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 29 (reporter Ni Yuanjin) Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the National Day Golden Week 29 briefing on the weather conditions, according to the current meteorological data analysis, is expected before the night of 30 to October 4th, the influence of cold air, a gradual deterioration of air pollutants in Beijing area the diffusion conditions, of which 1 to 4 at night during the day with mild to moderate haze haze, poor visibility, and the effect of rainfall on the 4 day, visibility gradually improved. According to the existing forecast, from 30 to October 7th, Beijing cold air activity, but the overall weak forces. Under its influence, the night of 3 to 4 days after the rain showers from west to East, the wind increased, the night of 4 there are about 4 northerly winds. The temperature, the overall higher than the same period the year earlier, the temperature gradually increased, from 1 October to 3 on the plain area of the highest temperature during the day rose to 27 degrees Celsius, cold air arrived after 4 days, the temperature decreased, the cooling rate of 4 to 6 DEG C, 6 to 7, the highest temperature during the day to 19th C. Visibility, from October 1st night, visibility fell to 3 – 6 km, and then gradually turn worse, the visibility of the day for the 4 day – 4 km, the night of the 3 to the 4 day rainfall, prompt attention to traffic safety. After the National Day golden week, affected by cold air cleaning, visibility will be more than 10 km, but the temperature dropped significantly, especially in the morning and evening temperatures are low, outdoor activities should pay attention to wind and warm. According to the Beijing environmental monitoring center of the existing 3 days of short-term forecasts, the air quality of the second day of the "3 levels of mild pollution", in October 1st as "mild pollution of the level of", in October 2nd as "moderate pollution of the 4 level" in".相关的主题文章: