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Zhengzhou female college students online shopping cheated 200 thousand potatoes cutters – Beijing, Henan Daily reporter Li Bingbing "double 11", a lot of online shopping "Master" are ready to buy buy buy! However, many fraudsters have also been eyeing the potential business opportunities". Yesterday, the Henan Daily reporter from the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed Jiefang Road, Zhengzhou female college students online shopping cheated 200 thousand yuan for shredded potatoes. Zhengzhou police remind consumers, the annual online shopping carnival, but also the most rampant fraud when, I hope you look after their wallets, so as not to be deceived. [cases] female college students online shopping cheated 200 thousand yuan small female college students living in Zhengzhou (a pseudonym), in May this year to buy a potato shred device in jumei.com. The next day, a self proclaimed shop customer service man said because the system failure, the need to re order after the cancellation of orders, requirements of flowers to provide bank card account, to refund the purchase price will be 39 yuan, also did well to offer a mobile phone number, purchase items, flowers delivery address and other personal information. The man asked to add a flower called refund customer service – like wind, QQ number, and the order of the flowers to copy her information. See this kind of situation, floret completely relaxed vigilance. After that, the man on the QQ and sent to a web site links, links, in addition to the site, but also to write a line of words: abnormal order processing center; refund order please click on the url." Click on the link, enter the interface of a select bank. After choosing their own agricultural bank, according to the requirements to fill in the bank card account number, ID number and name, click on the next step, the page shows that you need to enter the verification code. In the bank sent over the verification code to fill in, the other said the bank card can not be used for a. So the flowers will be their mother’s bank card and mobile phone, repeated operation, continuous input of the 4 verification code. Not long after, the little flower mother called, said the money on the bank card was 4 times to turn away from the $200 thousand. [analysis] fraud personnel access to the personal information of a variety of ways to realize cheated flowers called the police after receiving the alarm, Jiefang Road branch, Zhengzhou City Criminal Investigation Brigade quickly anti fraud Center for emergency stop payment of fraud criminals bank account. But because the victim was reported in cheated after 4 hours, fraudsters already will transfer money 200 thousand yuan in cash, Ms. Zhang card failed to recover. According to police, after investigation, after the flower money was fraudsters filled into game cards, game cards, fraudsters will sell second-hand traders, and ultimately cash. For the detection of the case, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of anti fraud false information center (hereinafter referred to as the Zhengzhou anti fraud Center) the police have repeatedly went to Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places to find clues, find the one of the suspect’s personal mailbox, storing personal information data obtained illegally. This list a total of 607 people, after investigation, the day before the fraud gang had to call these people to buy online." Zhengzhou’s anti fraud police center Zhu Tailong said. This.相关的主题文章: