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Against the background of female college students suspected food poisonous is the original "demons" mischief – Beijing newspaper news September 25th autumn, a small building in Xiangfang District of Harbin happiness on the road is particularly bright, each passing inadvertently looked up to have a warm heart. And here to the outside world to pass, it is to let everyone’s heart full of sunshine and warmth…… Here is the implementation of the EU funded Chinese community mental health project Spirit — Harbin Xiangfang District Health Service Center, is also the first Harbin for community residents to open regional mental health services. Here not only to fill the gaps in the management of Harbin’s spirit, but also to face the ordinary heart, break the community residents thousands knot. Harbin Xiangfang district mental health service center expert Zhang Qiyan told reporters that at present, the census of 86 patients have received treatment…… The day before, the reporter came in here, listen to the community mental health service for residents to open up the story. A case of mental illness, still more taboo words. Because a mention of mental illness, psychological problems, we will naturally associate with mental illness, and the mental hospital built at the door, but also to allow the community residents can not accept. So the first Harbin community mental health service center at the beginning, is subtle and low-key, the service is straight "exploration" residents of the heart. The hospital is located in an ordinary community hospital – Harbin electric plant hospital, the surface looks like ordinary community hospitals, in order to facilitate the residents to suffer from mental illness to treat heart disease. A middle-aged man suffering from anxiety of parents half sleepless "feeling hollowed out" area residents in the last six months because unable to sleep at night, the body is not strong, always feel tired and community hospital, but after blood tests did not find any problems in the doctor’s recommendation, he reluctantly entered the same floor of the mental health service center. After communicating with the doctor, only to know that they have a kind of "anxiety disorders" psychological disease. Originally, Mr. Yu’s father suddenly paralyzed in bed, the mother is old, the younger brother in foreign countries, so the burden of care for the elderly can only be one person. Not only did he have to work with his mother to take care of his father at night, but also because his parents’ income was meagre, and the medical expenses of $about three hundred thousand were too much for him. In this regard, his wife complained a lot, the couple often quarrel. Long term psychological pressure to his heart depressed, resulting in insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms. "I say it was clear in half, as the doctor said to take care of the elderly is the responsibility of the wife should care." Then, the doctor several times to ease, Mr. Yu have a better mood, also learned to communicate with his wife, after a month, his insomnia has also been improved. As to Mr. experiences, the main tasks of the center is located in the community mental health and mental health of the residents of the area of education, popularization, prevention, and psychological counseling and psychotherapy." Responsible for the work of the Xiangfang CDC deputy director Sun Yanjie told reporters, "for the diagnosis of severe mental patients, enter the management of patients with severe mental network, sent by the community health service center相关的主题文章: