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Feature: "city of love" – women’s volleyball incarnation Beijing Hongkong idol – in August 28th, the National Women’s volleyball team players Hui Ruoqi, Liu Xiaotong, Ding Xia, Yuan Xinyue, Zhu Ting and Yan Ni (back row from left to right) waved to the public. On the same day, the Olympic Games in Hongkong, China’s Olympic elite delegation of the National Women’s volleyball team in Hongkong, Haicheng and the public interaction. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Binghui photo Hongkong, August 28 – Title: love in the city – the embodiment of the women’s volleyball team Hongkong idol Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Xueting, "refueling! Strive! China must win!" "Thank you for your efforts to Chinese credit!" "Tokyo Olympic refueling! Always support you!" "I love my sister!" "Super king of china!"…… Austria Haicheng shopping center, a huge red background plate, Hongkong kids on pieces of paper and wrote on the women’s volleyball team’s blessing and love, make love pattern as a special gift for the women’s volleyball team. 28 am, the Chinese women’s volleyball team members in the leadership of the coach Lang Ping down to the mall in Haicheng with more than 200 children and thousands of people with the exchange. Less than 10 in the morning, the mall has been packed. In the market the most conspicuous position, you can see the "women’s volleyball team to win on China" several characters. When the team arrived, the scene burst into thunderous applause and cheers, Lang Ping last appeared in public view, warm atmosphere of the entire mall at the top, everyone shouting Lang Ping’s name, shouting "Chinese women’s volleyball team". Hongkong people’s enthusiasm for the women’s volleyball and attention for a long time, in 1984 the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Olympic Games for the first time to win, the team’s fighting spirit on the Hongkong society had a great inspiration. The Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball team China from adversity rise, even grams of big in the world championship, it is lit in Hongkong, the enthusiasm of the people, the women’s volleyball girls has become a new generation of Hongkong idol. In the face of the Hongkong people’s enthusiasm, the women’s volleyball team was very moved, they patiently interact with children and play games, full of innocence for the child’s problem, is also the answer, sparkling discourse. "Is your mom and dad so tall?" "Did Lang Ping coach you?" What do you do when you’re not playing?" Heard of these issues, the players laughing – "my father and mother are very high, but not as tall as me." "Coach Lang Ping is very strict with us, but he is always like a mother to us." "Do not usually listen to music when training, relax yourself." As the backbone of the women volleyball team, Lang Ping is the focus of the audience. When someone asked her respectively as a player and a coach to win is not at the same time, Lang Ping said: "the Olympic Games I cannot, I will command, but I feel more tired than command players, when the player is to kill myself, and I will command for them hard, but see the players can get the gold medal, I proud of them and happy." As a captain, and finally reach the player, indomitable spirit of Hui Ruoqi recovery from injury in the competition but also touched the people of Hongkong. Hui Ruoqi said: "in the women’s volleyball team.相关的主题文章: