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TV drama "Autumn Harvest Uprising" crew was set up in November to start shooting – Beijing Mao Zedong played by Hou Jingjian and Yang Kaihui, played by Liu Congdan Fu Jingyi photo Beijing Changsha September 25, (Fu Jingyi) to commemorate the 2017 Autumn Harvest Uprising and China people’s Liberation Army 90 anniversary, major TV drama "revolutionary history theme" cast 25 in the Autumn Harvest Uprising the Autumn Harvest Uprising wenjiashi town Hunan Liuyang rendezvous site was established, the drama program in November this year to start shooting, to shoot 30 sets, and in August 2017 in Hunan satellite TV first broadcast alone. The Autumn Harvest Uprising and Nanchang uprising, the Guangzhou uprising began Chinese independent leadership of the Communist Party of the armed struggle, created the Red Army, is an important turning point in China democratic revolution. In September 19, 1927, Mao Zedong rate of the troops of the Autumn Harvest Uprising wenjiashi rendezvous, in Li Ren school held the front Committee, decided to give up against the Changsha to enter the rule of the rural poor, the right way to open up the rural areas surrounding the city, and put forward the famous assertion "inside gunpolitical power". The course of TV drama "Autumn Harvest Uprising" will focus on the hardships of the people’s army was the first mining historical data, truly built up the failure of the 1927 revolution, "four? One or two" coup Chinese background raging full reign of terror, terror clouds, panoramic positive performance of the Autumn Harvest Uprising Charlie situation, hook echo potential of the Nanchang uprising, raging like a storm the Guangzhou uprising and the other Chinese Xiangnan uprising uprising in 1927 and the brightest red. "The Autumn Harvest Uprising created the first Communist Party of workers and peasants Chinese army, played the first flag of the Communist Party of Chinese, right way to open up the rural areas surrounding the city, put forward a programme of complete land revolution." Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Zhang Wenxiong said, in a sense, is the Communist Party Chinese Qiushou uprising Marx doctrine with China revolution practice, a new beginning to explore a new path to China revolution, is a revolution of the local China. Looking back of the land, for the footprints of our ancestors, red relive memories, the purpose is to draw the history of nutrition, don’t forget the heart, continue to move forward. "The first task is to restore the history, the story is clear, then the characters vivid, let the audience feel." "Autumn Harvest Uprising" director Clara? Shah says, in the Autumn Harvest Uprising Mao Zedong is 34 years old, 22 year old Lu Deming, 19 year old Tan Schilling, are young people, she wants to show that the young youth through drama. TV drama "Autumn Harvest Uprising" in the ideological and artistic height, the interpretation of this revolutionary events extraordinary historical significance, reproduce the revolutionary history of glory. But, in order to accurately portray these changes China modern history "Red Youth" characters, vividly director Shahati, screenwriter Kanebo? General Huang Hui led the creative partner, Liu Cheng, Yang Hong and Ye Jian composed team of writers, Hou Jingjian, Xue Haowen, Xia Dejun, Liu Congdan, Lin Xu and starring in the movie, to fine grinding texture of this drama brings incomparable visual enjoyment. (end)相关的主题文章: