Taiwan media Taiwan is around 1 billion 700 million yuan relief on behalf of 10 Fen counties unpaid-beef怎么读�

Taiwan media: Taiwan is around 1 billion 700 million yuan relief on behalf of 10 Fen counties did not pay the original title: Taiwan media: Taiwan is around 1 billion 700 million yuan relief on behalf of 10 Fen counties did not pay the source: Taiwan’s "United Daily News" (Taiwan Defense Department) Beijing September 23,   according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that in recent years in the event of natural or man-made disasters, Taiwan has a large number of troops into the rescue and recovery, in the end for the local military on behalf of how much money? Taiwan’s defense sector is always reluctant to speak clearly. However, the disclosure of the Legislative Council budget center, Taiwan’s defense sector since 2009, has been on behalf of pad 1 billion 700 million yuan (NT, the same below) relief costs. In the rule of Mao "cabinet" era, has stipulated that before 2013 the amount owed by the Taiwan Defense Department should reduce local absorption, and the range of payment; however, since 2014, and has accumulated 100 million yuan, continue to "build cities and counties". The budget center concluded that Taiwan funds transferred other projects in the disaster prevention and relief, afterwards they can not get the return pad, will inevitably lead to the original agendas do not reduce or do, negative normal readiness. It also shows that the Defense Department of the provisions of the provisions of the implementation is not implemented, there is no positive claims related rights. The center on budget and quoted the defense department pointed out that "internal research, often disaster coming, invested 4~5 million troops on standby, affecting preparedness forces at all levels and the level of combat readiness, wide", "after years of relief verification," local government "disaster struck, Taiwan army did not support troops as a professional disaster relief unit, often assigned to assist restore the city waste removal, non professional work." The study also said that the use of professional combat troops, the long-term development of Taiwan and the military, it is a waste of resources. 2010 Taiwan Defense Department and the Department of the interior on the basis of "disaster prevention law", issued a "Taiwan & assist disaster prevention and rescue measures, the Taiwan military assistance provided by anti personnel, rescue equipment, equipment, facilities, fuel, housing, reconstruction and other expenses provisions, shall be supported by the authorities to raise measures to cushion. However, from 2009 to the end of 2011, the cumulative cost has reached 1 billion 300 million yuan, there is no local government return. As more and more "bad", April 2014, Taiwan administrative agencies of the twenty-first meeting of the Committee for the prevention and rescue in disaster into resolution: 2013 year ago overhead, absorbed by the Defense Department; disaster relief missions since the year 2014, if before the disaster prevention center is removed by the Defense Department to bear; after the disaster prevention center if removed. Apply for Taiwan assist environmental cleanup, restoration and reconstruction, from the "local government" cost burden. In line with this resolution, the Taiwan military assistance in disaster relief measures sixteenth also amended in 2015 announced. Budget center statistics, from 2009 to 2015, the Taiwan military disaster relief costs have reached more than 16.93 yuan. For this year, Taiwan Defense Department pointed out in the legislature yesterday to moranti malakas, before the typhoon struck, the cumulative about 13000000 yuan. The 2014 year after only after the disaster, but only the support of oil equipment, maintenance, dispatch of human is not a cost, so the 2014 and 2015 figures are only 37 million yuan. Kay相关的主题文章: