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Huayi Brothers responded publicly: Feng Xiaogang this year has completed the performance commitments – Sohu Sohu Feng Xiaogang entertainment entertainment news "Feng Xiaogang promised Dongyang Meila 2016 annual performance has been completed. Last year and this year’s net profit and included in this year’s performance commitments. Last year nearly 50 million yuan plus the first half of this year, about 30000000 yuan, has reached $about 80000000." In November 24th, Huayi Brothers secretaries gaohui exclusively on the China Securities News said that the Feng Xiaogang film, "I am not Pan Jinlian" the fee has been included in the Dongyang area of revenue. In addition, there are a lot of Feng Feng endorsement income, in fact, enough." In November 24th, China securities newspapers issued "Huayi Brothers star IP capital bet" the deconstruction of public opinion, the hustle and bustle behind Feng Xiaogang and the capital side bet story, "as Feng Xiaogang put forward Dongyang Meila shareholder performance pressure facing". Two years of net profit is calculated according to the merger announcement, the acquisition of Dongyang Huayi Brothers esomeprazole 70% stake to 1 billion 50 million yuan, the old shareholders to make a commitment to performance for a period of 5 years, since the completion of the transfer of shares of Dongyang area date to December 31, 2020. Among them, the 2016 year is the target of the transfer of equity from the date of completion to December 31, 2016. Huayi Brothers made the point for the December 9, 2015 Dongyang U.S. equity. Therefore, the first year of the commitment period should be December 9, 2015 -2016. According to Gao Hui said, Dongyang in 2015 to achieve net profit esomeprazole for 46 million 26 thousand and 700 yuan, the first half of 2016 net profit of 35 million 356 thousand yuan, the cumulative net profit of 81 million 382 thousand and 700 yuan in 2016 to achieve full performance commitments. For a period of two years of net profit to cash performance commitments, financial professionals Wu Xin of Chinese Securities newspaper reporter said: "the listed company merger and acquisition target company on the gambling agreement, net profit is usually what year even if a year. However, in the case of the parties to the transaction, the net profit of the previous year can also be included in the current performance commitments." Huayi Brothers in the process of capitalization of the star IP, another star of its investment company in Dongyang in the first year of commitment to the performance of the first year has also adopted this approach. According to the agreement, the performance of the commitment of the majority of Dongyang star shareholders for a period of 5 years, the commitment period from 2015 to 2019. 2015 annual commitment to the audited net profit after tax of not less than 90 million yuan; since the year of, on the basis of the previous year, an increase of 15%. Dongyang in 2015 to achieve a net profit of 51 million 118 thousand and 200 yuan. Huayi Brothers in 2015 annual reports, the board recognized Dongyang vast 2015 annual net profit commitment completed. The company has completed in the period of net profit of 41 million 155 thousand and 700 yuan (the net profit on the basis of accounting standards included in capital reserve), and after the establishment of the company to complete the net profit of 51 million 118 thousand and 200 yuan, a total of 92 million 273 thousand and 900 yuan. There is no cost expenditure is worth noting that Huayi Brothers 201.相关的主题文章: