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Samsung, your service is not a star! Original title: Samsung, your service is not a star! Author: sea level   source: Guangzhou daily China Consumer Association before the news release, the association will oversee SM-N9300 Galaxy Note7 mobile phone Samsung Corp do recall, consumers return or replacement, Samsung Corp can not to damage the mobile phone, packaging or incomplete attachment refused to recall. Perhaps the Samsung mobile phone explosion is a small probability event, however, as an ordinary consumer, I really did not know that he will not be sure to be hit by the bomb, so return demands reasonable. Even if the invoice is lost, "bomb" or you produce, return should. However, Samsung’s "Pride and Prejudice" once again let China consumers greatly disappointed. Shenzhen City Council as a public inquiry to the Samsung Corp sent forward: why in the same security situation, overall recall of the mobile phone in Europe and other markets, and in the Chinese mainland market but did not implement comprehensive recall? Sad reminder is that Samsung is not the first time to do so. 3 years ago, Samsung mobile phone design defects due to sudden death problem spread worldwide, after-sales service also varies from place to place. For example, in the UK, free repair or replacement of the new machine during the warranty period, and in the mainland, the same problem encountered by consumers have to dig out a thousand dollars in maintenance costs. Samsung, your service is not a star, double standards are five stars. Of course, not only the Samsung one so dry, many multinational companies in China have taken a different strategy. Not long ago, IKEA in the "deadly cabinet" recall playing on the distinction, analysis of the reasons, some people pointed out that in foreign countries, once out of this kind of thing, if the consumer rights lawsuit, in addition to get the corresponding compensation, often can also obtain punitive damages, as "customer coffee burns awarded $2 million 700 thousand". Punitive compensation is not the end, companies can not take into account the potential risks. Yes, if our judicial practice that punitive damages, Samsung in product recall may not dare to ignore the interests of consumers in a flagrant way so China. Of course, economic punishment is not the only means of administrative intervention, consumer organizations sound, consumers vote with their feet, will help multinational companies to lay down their shelves, pay more attention to the feelings of Chinese consumers.   responsibility editor: Liu Hao相关的主题文章: