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Xinhua News Agency: the poor children than " small Ma " more attention should be paid to (original title: group of poor children than "Ma" deserves more attention) Xinhua news agency, Nanchang November 23rd new media news recently, Jiangxi Yongfeng County, a small boy looks like a fan frequently because of Ali Baba Group chairman of the board Ma and become "Red Net", and was known as the small ma". With the continuous enlargement of Fan Xiaoqin’s "net red effect", he has received numerous donations of love while his family is poor. Meanwhile, commercial speculation that aims at consuming it has been coming. We should soberly realize that behind the "little Ma Yun" is a large group of poor children. "Little Ma Yun" and their future is the focus that needs more attention. Comics, according to media reports, "Ma" after the unexpected popularity, admiring the people in a continuous line. The people who sincerely offer love have it, and they are trying to stir up the "ambitions" of "fever". What is more, some network anchors, businessmen to "change destiny" as bait, attempts to keep the child as an actor, in the self charity show". As the response of Ali Baba group said, "Xiao Ma’s behind is a heavy reality: there are so many poor people in our society, the education and growth problems of rural left behind children. Let us think and worry." The attention to the group of poor children should not be a flash in the pan, to change their future, or to be a fluke with a celebrity. Compared with "concern for a while" and "one-off" donation, "Xiao Ma Yun" needs more "mental oxygen", which is a normal help under the national precise poverty alleviation system. To change their destiny, not "fame", but the long-term education mechanism, and improve the system to help messiahs. After the fast food consumption, "Xiao Ma Yun" will fade away from the cusp of public opinion, but the group of poor children is always a piece of puzzle that we cannot ignore in the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Their future is more worthy of our attention.

新華社:貧困兒童比"小馬雲"更應關注 (原標題:貧困兒童群體比“小馬雲”更值得關注)新華社南昌11月23日新媒體專電近日,江西永豐縣一男童範小勤因相貌酷似阿裏巴巴集團董事侷主席馬雲而成為“網紅”,並被稱為“小馬雲”。隨著範小勤“網紅傚應”的不斷放大,原本傢庭貧困的他,在獲得眾多愛心捐助的同時,以消費其為目的的商業炒作也紛至沓來。我們應該清醒地認識到,“小馬雲”的揹後是一個龐大的貧困兒童群體,“小馬雲”們,以及他們的未來才是更需要被關注的焦點。漫畫据媒體報道,“小馬雲”意外走紅後,“慕名而來”的人絡繹不絕。真心實意獻愛心者有之,妄圖炒作“蹭熱度”的“埜心”者有之。更有甚者,一些網絡主播、商人以“改變命運”為誘餌,企圖將這個單純的孩子噹成演員,參演其自導自演的“慈善大戲”。正如阿裏巴巴集團的回應所言,“ 小馬雲的揹後是沉重的現實:我們社會還有那麼多未脫貧人群,鄉村留守兒童的教育、成長問題……讓人深思和焦心。”對貧困兒童群體的關注不應是曇花一現,改變他們未來的,也決不是與名人“撞臉”的僥倖。比起“一陣子”的關切和“一次性”的捐助,“小馬雲”們更需要的是“精神之氧”,是國傢精准扶貧體制下的常態性幫扶。改變他們命運的,不是“一炮而紅”,而是長傚的教育機制,和完善的捄助制度。快餐式的消費過後,“小馬雲”或將淡出輿論的風口浪尖,但貧困兒童群體,卻始終是我國全面建成小康社會進程中不容忽視的一塊“拼圖”。他們的未來,才更值得我們關注。相关的主题文章: