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The children don’t stop this behavior, most can stimulate brain growth [] – Sohu maternal children said the original, reproduced please standard source one eye did not look, turned into a loach home eye did not look, it went to the eye did not look, when the egg plasticine eye did not look, the bowl gets bathtub…… Alas, one did not live to see, on the drama! Bear child, are you born to monkey? Remember one day bear children 2 years and a half, I almost fainted from the toilet, because not far in front of me stood a small unknown biological — bear child mouth while biting my lip, complaining about the "delicious", eyes painted panda, mouth painted clown lips, face, arms, thighs, mirror, on the wall, the bed was painted orange red lipstick. I see out, small eyes staring at me in silence, a nervous. The first reaction is the bear children too funny than laughter, after a while, I began to feel bad lipstick, my teeth squeeze money a bite a stomping top orange red lipstick heart to buy ah, so was killed. But look at the bear child is still careful to look at me, and immediately maternal hair, 100 luxury lipstick is not a bear on my child. I squatted down, poking his face: "did you see my mother sometimes painted? So would you like to try it?" Bear child nodded, see mother did not blame, the mood to relax. I showed him how to use lipstick: "you see, lipstick on the lips, a little is enough." "But lipstick can not be painted on the bed, on the mirror, can not be painted on the body, in view of your wrong way to use, punish you to help her mother clean." Then I went to the place where I had lipstick with a towel, and finally took a bath. Later, although he will occasionally "use" my lipstick, but never painted himself as an unknown creature. Save the lipstick, the other destruction continues. At the age of 3, breaking a bag of egg shells and onions in the refrigerator frozen layer to make cheese cake; that fish was frozen winter, put the fish out of the goldfish in the sun on the balcony…… At the age of 4, removing the keyboard apart, look inside is not a can sing and dance but also write read poetry little; home tissue did not, the sanitary napkin to wipe out a creative mother mouth just finished the ice cream little cousin…… He used the "fearless" bullheadedness ravaged the world around, what grandma Turner soy sauce, Grandpa’s father’s razor pipe underpants, game machine, mother corset hair removal machine…… All the souls of his men. He points out in the cognition of poor family activities remains on the the Great Wall built the castle of knowledge. No wonder people say that every generation of growth, is really a Keqikege history. In fact, "sabotage" is the main feature of all children 2~6 years old stage, because of their poor cognitive, lack of life experience, they are learning to the surrounding environment, accidentally used the "outrageous" means, it is probably because they do not know how to cherish Jade incense pity "?相关的主题文章: