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The Swedish super recommended: grab points to avoid relegation Helsingborg home court stopped the horse – Sohu         game time: 2016-10-01 Saturday 1:00         asian handicap: 0.98 Helsingborg 0 Hammarby 0.84         Europe Index: 2.55 3.38 2.33         game analysis;         Saturday morning Sweden super twenty-fifth round was officially launched in Helsingborg this season regresses obviously, only 6 wins at the twenty-fourth round of the league, is currently in the relegation zone over Sweden, the overall situation is very bad, but it is worth noting that Helsingborg nearly 3 times in the home court against Hammarby the team unbeaten, but need to score against relegation, the will to win Hammarby; since the upgrade to Sweden after Hammarby super team, each season’s goal The present is to avoid relegation, plot 32 points ranked Hammarby ninth in the Premier League, leading the relegation zone 10 points, avoid relegation pressure is small, I’m afraid not to visit the grab points.             handicap interpretation:     the disc for the game to tie chupan Helsingborg this season, poor state, in the surface nature will not be optimistic about the agency, at present the water in high water interval, the disk to Helsingborg is very bad, but I think this the banker is deliberately the most illusion, with Europe analysis, most of his index outlook is down, and Helsingborg trailing dominant, the war might be optimistic about Helsingborg unbeaten home court.         2:2 2:1   score recommended:       half the recommendation: negative Ping Ping Ping Ping Sheng         Beijing single field recommended: 13         Shengping Fu SMG recommended: 13相关的主题文章: