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Ji’nan single female reporter: buy housing hall boduantui a bitter tears — real estate — people.com.cn original title: Ji’nan single female reporter: buy housing hall boduantui a bitter tears, "a small summer house, early autumn Shoufu, had a national day to catch up with the purchase of the submitted materials, etc. single proof of purchase is more than a month, the day is cold, when I can live in." Ji’nan public Lin Yue (a pseudonym) recently in his circle of friends Tucao his bitter road. Originally, urban high prices have stumped a lot of people, not easy to watch a suite, everything about it because of a single paper proof of purchase into a long wait. 24, Lin Yue finally got the purchase certificate, however, she told reporters that her friends around like this, there are many. Reporter Yu Na the end of August about a set of second-hand housing thinking to buy can live into Lin 28 years old this year, is the provincial capital of Ji’nan a common unit of white-collar workers, is still alone, buy a house to settle down has been long-standing. See many places this summer, finally in the vicinity of the south, Licheng optimistic about a, all aspects are very satisfied, first settled. "I bought second-hand, think of a good procedure can live in." Lin told reporters, has been to see many places before this, also through the intermediary of multi friend introduction, this is not easy to see, Lin without much hesitation, decided to purchase "real down to around August 30th, when it signed the contract." After the completion of the first payment to catch up with the new deal was to be sold in October to buy a license unless the landlord is not convenient in the field, the middle has increased the waiting time." To pay the down payment and signed, Lin just met the National Day holiday, "was going to do it two days net signed, just to catch up with the holidays, signed no catch, thinking it would wait for two days, anyway, just one final formalities." However, let Lin be unexpected, is that during the holidays, the introduction of the Ji’nan city property purchase restrictions rules, after October 3rd, in accordance with the new policy implementation. In accordance with the purchase of the policy, single buyers in Ji’nan to buy a house to prove the purchase, and the civil affairs department is no longer issued proof of personal marital status, so like Lin Yue single people can not complete the purchase procedures. After all, after has wasted a lot of time, Lin to pay special attention to the new policy, "said so, but has no specific timetable, I think once the policy clear single can quickly pull this sign, friends and colleagues are very concerned about my experience, many are quipped to hurry up buy real unless brought a card." When it comes to Lin Yue smiled helplessly. At that time, because the single can not open that everyone around her and There were many discussions. Lin, waiting for friends in a few things, "there are people than I experienced miserable." The housing hall boduantui single buy a bitter tears "two days before the policy until November 3rd can be slowed down, to the housing authority to submit paper materials for proof of purchase, I’m ready to pay up quickly." Lin Yue told reporters, I heard that the slowdown in her policy to the housing lobby, the staff asked whether to buy second-hand housing or new premises, if相关的主题文章: