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Ruby Lin pregnant after a good appetite to do things now to consider the family of Wallace Huo – Sohu entertainment, according to the wedding of the full meaning of honey, according to her,, Ruby Lin. In new network on 7 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, July Ruby Lin and 10 friends Wallace Huo in Bali Island happy married, was out she was pregnant, she said "there is no denying the positive, there will be good news to share". This month in Taipei she meditation room, also recently photographed and held her husband walking, 7 days after the first appearance, when it comes to husband hide a sweet smile, smile can praise "he has been very intimate." Ruby Lin attended the 7 fashion brand, Cape style clothing to the pregnant belly well hidden, even photography brother asked her sideways photo, she also said "don’t naughty, hands in front cover like in the stomach." Asked about the sex of the child? She did not know the answer, because she is 40 years older mothers, whether there is any discomfort or sickness? She can smile back "everything is good." Appetite everything is normal, I have always liked to eat, as for the wine, then she smiled and said, occasionally drink a cup should not matter!" Ruby Lin recently to be produced, but these 2 months there are still sporadic work, she said the work is their own happiness, so it will be out of work, she also recently photographed eating Hot pot and husband Wallace Huo, held together walking in the street, she said: "although the ordinary but very warm and very happy." When she married a wife, also wrote "psychological more stability, more responsibility, and now the family is not only my own parents family, including our family of two, and Mr. family, equal to 3 families with a lot of things, thinking more comprehensive, not a single its starting point."相关的主题文章: