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"Xiao Ming and his buddy" set file demo expression package gold curator – Sohu Cui Chengguo entertainment [Click to enter the HD Photo expression package] entertainment news (the video Sohu Kong Zhao Bob) by the legendary Tianhui film culture (Beijing) Ltd., directed by Wang Xin, Joe, Xu Cong Shan Jun starred in the comedy comedy film "Xiao Ming and his buddy" 12 in Beijing held a tribute to the Youth Theme fixed gear conference, unlimited fun, as if people dreaming of a student. The movie cast wearing a red scarf full scene, chat comedy role; warm male Joe fir and gold museum not only grew up doing expression package, and field first guess the song game, won the "letter of 80 small library songs". At the same time, the film side also released the pilot notice and "winning" version of a given file poster announced the release of the film in the comedy in October 28th. The "Ming" and lay the gun, all the creative character with a hand piece Daxian "Ming" movie atmosphere, specially to salute the youth as the theme of the conference held. For "Xiao Ming and his buddy" the title, who have said this is not creative chaos, "Ming" is a major domestic IP. Director Wang Xin said with a smile back a lot of blame Xiaoming for everyone, "when talking piece is usually said" Xiaoming again today how…… "" Joe Shan said, everyone has a friend called Xiao ming. He also concluded that Xiao Ming may be one of the three most frequently occurring names in each class, "said Wang Lei and Wu Di, the remaining two." It is reported that, as the largest Chinese IP "Ming" big movie, the film tells the story itself is not a student, but a very adult Carnival drama. The conference site, all the creative Daxian hand piece character, ridicule each other infinite force. When the host asked Joe fir "I heard that you and Xu Juncong love to kill Joe, deliberately ridicule as" love Shan, a public audience inserted "for booing Xu Juncong explained," said Xu Juncong homeopathic play to say, as we do for everyone to see, attracted to the scene set the whole room roaring with laughter. Actor Lu wild is a page broke their own love scene with Fei Weini, so the "page", the director immediately fill knife "is the one page, but the way it is innumerable twists and turns". When asked whether there are signs in the movie big health plot, Joe fir is wit replied: "can not bathe every time". Childhood songs quiz links, the film side for the creative scene for the first 10 childhood cartoon theme song, Joe Shan PA KO accident, the cast and led his team to get the final victory, won the "letter of 80 small song music library, for example, to accompany us throughout childhood" Haier brothers "," a brother ". Can not escape his ears, the game after Joe jokingly calls" Song Shan killer "," Joe Shan live users praise for a fairy tale childhood". Joe Shanjin curator Byp expression package, "the pilot notice laughing, Xiao Ming and his buddy" was now very strong comedy lineup, there has been a "big health male god now" comedy warm man Joe Shan, also has the strongest net Red Sea column brother "Xu Juncong," and The Legendary Swordsman "the first quarter of the total champion Sun Jianhong and the history of the strongest expression package" gold curator Cui Chengguo, not only the concept of相关的主题文章: