In nine years old of three generations of the Red Army martyrs tomb for 67 years rewrite攻略�

In nine years old three generations for the Red Army martyrs tomb 67 CNR Wanzai November 4th news (reporter Fan Cunbao Yichun Taiwan Yuan Chen) in the peak trough village Wanzai County of Jiangxi province Yichun City Jiao Hu Xiang Village Group on the mountains, there is a buried the 45 nameless martyrs cemetery. Over the past 60 years, the villagers Ling longevity three generations relay guardian of this cemetery, with practical action to pass the long march spirit". This year, 91 year old village on the village of Ling Gaoshou has been unable to walk down the floor, but the story of the Red Army is talking about. In March 1933, Hunan Hubei Jiangxi Province to defend the red heart, sixteen Red Army, Red Army and red eight division participated in the battle line bridge, many Red Army soldiers died heroically in battle. At that time, only 8 year old Ling long witnessed the tragic scene of the unknown soldier, but also buried together buried these sacrifices. Ling Gaoshou’s son Ling Duanqing said: "when he was young, often in patients where to prick the tea, pour boiling water, he will have this kind of thing." In 1950, Ling long to see family grave, Tomb of the unknown soldier weeds, so they often come here to clean up the weeds, martyrs cemetery. This Shou, is more than 60 years. The grandson of Ling Gaoshou Ling Zhuangren: "he said he grew up in the street, because the Red Army after the liberation of the land, he will have a fixed point, we have a home here, he with a thankful heart, after all he was wandering, wandering around everywhere along with others, to beg. Then he divided the land, a house to live, he was grateful to the red army." Today, the inability to continue to watch Ling advanced in age, the tomb of the martyrs. Last year, he handed over the task to his son Ling Duanqing and grandson Ling zhuang. Ling Duanqing: "he said there is a tomb of the martyrs, he kept for decades, to continue to keep the children from generation to generation. He said to me as martyrs to the party and the country, has contributed to the people, so we need to continue to keep the future generations. In order to commemorate the martyrs." As the third generation of Ling home, Ling Zhuang this responsibility is very sacred. Ling Zhuangren: "we should continue must continue, because their lives are offered out let us live life now, we can not forget." Now, in the Ling three generations of the infection, many volunteers also joined the guardian of the Red Army martyrs in the team.相关的主题文章: