Overbearing man across the road was not persuaded to be pulled into the black list 索尼a350

Overbearing man crossing the street listen is pulled into the credit "blacklist" from Yubei District Traffic and Patrol Police News: Recently, Yubei District a surname dragon people have handed, Traffic and patrol police stopped him across the road as the shuttle vehicles, he was with Traffic and patrol police resurgence, results, almost with a vehicle pileup. According to the police force on its education and fine. In November 2nd, about 8:40, a black black pants public longmou walk to the Bauhinia Road, see the road vehicle that he The stream never stops flowing., scruple, fearless directly through the traffic gap, ready to cross to the opposite from the bus station road Zihyuan Bauhinia road. This is the Yubei branch of the Traffic and patrol police detachment duty longta Police Brigade with hands and shout, warning longmou not to cross the road, and to remind the longmou go in front of a little distance underground crossing road through. However, the Dragon simply ignored the advice of the police, regardless of their own safety and vehicle safety, continue to frantically across the road. The drivers of vehicles passing the madness, have to brake to avoid, nearly caused a number of car pileup accident. Angry drivers shouted out to longmou, longmou still turn a deaf ear to continue to slowly across the road. Police immediately stepped forward to stop, dangerous shuttle vehicles, and longmou stopped, the patient informed: Bauhinia Road bus station to the purple road direction walk, normal route from Zihyuan road to the bus station walk 20 meters, the Bauhinia Road underground pedestrian passage, and then to purple Park Road, comfortable and safe, can not be so forcibly crossing the road, not very safe. Police side explained, advice, to bring it to the side of the road education. Unexpectedly, longmou throw off the police, jump up and roar: "this road is to let people walk, you a small police, have I?" The police explained that the pedestrian is crossing the road crosswalk or pedestrian crossing facilities, and do not listen to advice, according to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" punishment, longmou more aggressive shouting: "I am not the driver of the car, you have no right to punish my small police! I’m not afraid of you!" Long do not know their own mistakes, extremely bad attitude. Even threatened to say: "you dare to punish me, I will find a lawyer to sue you!" Police see it continue to cross the road, immediately control it. After taking it to the side of the road, the police continue to carry out traffic law dragon propaganda, and its violations were severely criticized education. According to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" article sixty-second, "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" Regulations for the implementation of the provisions of article seventy-five, the police did not go to the pedestrian crossings or pedestrian facilities across the road, longmou forced the illegal act, impose fines of 10 yuan, please be included in the "blacklist dishonesty".相关的主题文章: