Chen he announced that when the father! Zhang Zixuan gave birth to six pounds and six daughters (vid 木村kaela

Chen he announced that when the father! Zhang Zixuan gave birth to six pounds of the daughter of the twin daughters of Zhang Zixuan Chen Chen when the father of the six! Pregnant mother Baby waist fat several times entertainment news (Hu Mengying) Tencent registered marriage Chen and Zhang Zixuan traced after the pregnancy rumors about Zhang Zixuan news, the party never positive response. Today (23 days) 8 pm, Chen micro-blog published a big hand holding a baby photo, and with the text "thanksgiving" to the suspected newborn announced. The reporter then to Chen broker confirmation, the other readily admitted the matter. Chen agent to Tencent entertainment exclusive response to the road, Zhang Zixuan was born in Shanghai this morning, daughter, six pounds of 62, mother and daughter peace". The young couple were very happy with their arrival. Asked whether the child has been named, brokers said he was rushed to Shanghai, the details have not yet been informed. Chen Chen after the divorce, Zhang Zixuan was traced licensing. In February, Chen was traced to accompany Zhang Zixuan to check, the parties remain silent. April, Chen was once again witnessed a friend in Shanghai, a hospital accompanied by Zhang Zixuan to do the inspection, inspection results show that Zhang Zixuan has been pregnant. Shortly after, Zhang Zixuan was photographed seems to be pregnant, whether Japan or mother are shopping with loose clothing, foot shoes, like abdominal bulge. May at the beginning of the month, Zhang Zixuan suspected trumpet in micro-blog wrote a "male" son, suspected pregnancy confirmed rumors, and exposes the boy. But this rumor has not been confirmed. Informed sources, she has been pregnant for four months, the expected date of childbirth in November. When the end of the month, Zhang Zixuan in the circle of friends drying out a group of beach photos, photos of her right hand ring finger ring eye-catching. Zhang Zixuan happy and laugh with the text said: you and the sea in my eyes. The move is seen as an indirect recognition of the two licensing evidence. Friends blessing: Deng Chao: Oh Dad Dad: Wow tuaAngelababy! Congratulations to you! Hsu Chi: Congratulations He Jiong: good Sheenah: Wow! What a lovely little hand! Congratulations! Wong Cho Lam: thanksgiving! Jia Ling: congratulations!!! Congratulations!!! Du Chun: blessing! Huo Siyan: Hi hehe, diaper has been sent to Shanghai Li Jiahang: Congratulations Shen Ling: congratulations! Copyright statement: This article is exclusive Tencent entertainment manuscript, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: