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Millet Note2 funny than? Hyperboloid Samsung vivo screen is not playing the rest? – Sohu [] far Yao Chengyu science and technology mobile phone original, Sohu news recommendation, reproduced marked the afternoon of October 25th, millet released new Note2, and for the actor Tony Leung endorsement. The thought of the millet with a really innovative high-tech products to make Rice noodles by mobile phone. However, in fact, millet Note2 makes a lot of research for a long time Rice noodles greatly disappointed, launched a hyperboloid screen mobile phone. On the one hand, have begun to worry about whether there are professionals with the patent companies sued millet; on the other hand, millet mobile phone users as ever, many people began to worry about the decline of the market share, this will meet in Waterloo?! Are U Kidding Me? Note2 original hyperboloid screen is not millet before the conference, many people are especially concerned with Rice noodles, new millet and Note2 face. However, when the display time millet Note2 Lei Jun, hyperboloid screen everyone completely. According to millet, Note 2 of the screen using the OLED flexible screen, 5.7 inches fuselage, the proportion of high screen, high color saturation of 110% NTSC. But it is well known that the hyperboloid screen is a single screen, as early as 2014 Samsung mobile Galaxy Note Edge on the application of the patent. In 2015, Samsung has also obtained a double screen patent certification. Samsung is responsible for research and development director, said Samsung’s investment in research and development expenses since 2010 has increased by 27%, in 2014 the size of R & D personnel has been expanded to more than 60 thousand people. 2014, Samsung’s 6.4% share of its revenue (about $13 billion 400 million) to get out to engage in R & D. This means that in the face of a simple hyperbolic screen, Samsung is the result of strong or even heavily invested. Even without mentioning the Samsung patent, domestic vivo early in March this year released a hyperboloid screen mobile phone Xplay5 vivo, although the first "copy" to seize the hyperboloid screen in China first, that it cannot become millet Note2 to follow the trend of the reason. In fact, regardless of the extent of the Note2 screen to do, no matter what the use of the upgrade and high-tech, from the hyperbolic screen itself, this is not the style and characteristics of millet. As the founder of the Internet mobile phone brand, "born to have a fever millet previously served as more of a subversion of the domestic mobile phone and spoiler. Now, in the domestic mobile phone market is facing a downturn, millet brand has been questioned when, can only rely on "plagiarism" competing products or others to play the rest of the buildings, it is difficult to convince the public and caused Rice noodles attention, let alone to influence and develop new users. So many users instant naughty start scraper: "Are You Kidding Lei, Me?" Are U OK? The price is no longer a previous mention millet millet Note2 advantage, the first reaction of most people is cheap. As the saying goes, there is no good cheap goods. But in the state相关的主题文章: