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The Civil Aviation Bureau of the original female director was accused of taking bribes 5 million 490 thousand case is not in court for sentencing yesterday, Su Hong tears in court. Su Hong, former director of the domestic air transport department China civil aviation secretary at the age of 51, was accused of using his office, to help Shanghai auspicious, China Southern Airlines and other companies and individuals to apply for business license and other flight routes, and afterwards received above the airlines and individuals to give thanks fees totaling 549 yuan. Yesterday, Su Hong on suspicion of accepting bribes in the second city court trial. Accused of accepting bribes 549 yuan more than $15 yesterday morning, wearing a black dress Su Hong was brought into court. Su Hong, 51, is a graduate of Sichuan province. The prosecutor read the indictment, Su Hong pleaded guilty in court and said. According to the prosecution allegations, Su Hong in 2000 to 2015, has served as the director of China Civil Aviation Secretary Chinese Transportation office clerk, assistant researcher, deputy director and director of his office, accepting the legal representative of Sichuan province Heng Xiang Aviation Services Ltd. Wu, Shanghai auspicious Uni Airways Corporation legal representative Wang and other units or personal trust, in the domestic and Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan air transport business application, business license, regular flights flight plan, flight and other holiday overtime approval, respectively, for the benefit of the units or individuals. To this end, Su Hong repeatedly received the trust units or individuals for the cash, remittances and other property totaling more than 549.12 yuan. China Southern Airlines gave 2 million 500 thousand yuan, the company gave the spring and Autumn period of $400 thousand, auspicious Airlines gave $80 thousand in cash and $40 thousand refueling card. Su Hong in September 15, 2015 by the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District seized and brought to justice. Prosecutors believe that Su Hong as a national staff, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, illegally accepting other people’s property, should be held criminally responsible for taking bribes. Su Hong discovered another crime, verified, meritorious, may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. The southern two times to 2 million 500 thousand it is reported that Su Hong has to thank fees south, spring and autumn, auspicious and other airlines, one of the largest southern airlines to cash, two times to 2 million 500 thousand yuan. Court, Su Hong said, she has worked in the civil aviation authority for more than 20 years, she is responsible for the drafting of the entire air transport regulations, aviation business license and holiday overtime charter. Su Hong, the airline routes need to obtain permits during the domestic transportation work, her work is mainly carried out according to the provisions of the relevant transaction routes department audit report to superiors for approval and publicity. "The approval can be fast or slow, more than and 10 departments to coordinate documents for examination and approval, I in the CAA for decades, more extensive connections," Su Hong said, because of the time the approval process is very long, so some airlines in order to speed up the approval will find her, hope she coordinated. Su Hong said that the Southern Airlines to apply for the route from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, China Southern Airlines HU found her hope she helped to quickly approve, and later the company received a license to this route. After the event, China Southern Airlines two times.相关的主题文章: