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The " singular; Dr. ": Sherlock becomes Marvel Archmage what style? What is the doctor strange, strange style? The YcY tip 1: cherish life, do not drive to play mobile phone tip 2: the text may have slightly at the end of the spoiler, spoiler, will advance warning of Sina entertainment news with Marvel studios fourteenth superhero movie "strange doctor" was released, one of Marvel’s most powerful magic MAGE – "Doctor Strange" Stephen · strange finally officially launched, the marvel movie universe also officially opened the "magic line" supernatural elements of magic were systematically introduced the super hero of the world. The first thing to say is, "Dr." singular point is undoubtedly the largest is a specific picture, magnificent gorgeous talented, very fun. But in addition to the visual impact, the story of the strange doctor is worth saying, who is he? When the Avengers in "Captain America 3" in the new coming fall apart, the supreme master how to open his origin story? Let’s look at this what is worth looking forward to, and also stroked a stroke and other Marvel movie Doctor Strange links, looking about him and the future of the universe in Marvel movie…… Those with magic "stunning legend" · "singular Dr. Stephen · Lestrange (Stephen Strange) the first to talk about our hero doctor strange, in the comics, Stephen · originally is a strange but arrogant surgeon known to the world, because of a car accident and lost the ability to do surgery. Search for the cure of hands went to the magic shrine, and finally become the Supreme master. The movie is about the origin of doctor strange story, just like the Japanese version of the poster headline: "this man, a superior genius surgeon, he lost everything, awakening!"…… Usually the doctor strange image, but in Himalaya Range self-discipline and become famous marvel law…… Teacher, ability is very difficult, such as material, transmission, conversion magic heart, hypnosis, an illusion of space travel…… The film may be adapted, and this is only a story of origin, strange doctor’s skills may not reach the peak. In the movie, his spell is not the kind of endless fireworks various strokes of magic, but closely connected with space and time, and each kind of multidimensional universe, mainly the magic to give plausible explanation, see the marvel movie universe nor any magic line role wanton flying, is a shared the universe, and the scale of the comic Books are numerous. is much smaller, you have to let others play. Although Stephen · the strange is the debut single movie in his, but his name in "Captain America 2" have been mentioned: the villain organization Hydra designed a program that can predict and attack now or in the future all can threaten the hydra, including iron man, Captain America, green giant, deputy secretary of Defense and so on, which are our shitelan)相关的主题文章: