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B: intelligence Auxerre last round of the season through the biggest difference defeat Friday 010           B   Amiens VS; Auxerre       2016-11-05 03:00         Venue: Amiens Unicorn stadium weather: rain, 8 Celsius status of Amiens: Amiens in the last round of the game away against the Clement record is not ideal. May be due to the enemy, Amiens in the second half of each other to seize the opportunity, Du Jimeng a goal ruined Amiens to get a chance. Lose the game, Amiens with 22 points ranked third, second of the original position is a round win Lance prize. The first integral gap between Amiens and Brest has reached 3 points. The fourth Le Havre and fifth Troyes present integral and Amiens the same, only goal difference behind. Amiens Bao three position, this field must be taken into. Auxerre situation: Auxerre on a home court to 0 than 4 lost to nihoul experienced the biggest defeat of the season, the difference. If you count the League Cup, this is Auxerre’s third consecutive defeat. This season has been 1/3, Auxerre only had achieved 2 victories. So far only 9 points points, ranked first in the standings, scored only a few more than 8 goals. Auxerre experienced a hitherto unknown dilemma, coach Cedric – and not too much to let the team score, it will be fired as coach. Now Auxerre can expect only the transfer window is coming, but looking for an awesome striker for method B countdown to the first team should be more difficult. Game Analysis: recently in the six round, Amiens team made 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative, including home court 1 flat 1 negative, home court scoring 0 goals and conceding 1 goals. The Auxerre achieved 1 wins and 5 losses, which won 3 negative, scoring 1 goals away, lost 6 ball. The compensate for the home team more confidence, given 1.81 means, recommend Shengping Fu Sheng, the number of goals 1,2. Lineup prediction: Amiens (4-4-1-1): Gul Turner, di Brazil, Kazakhstan, Eyre, Le Fuer adenon Giam, Mongolia, Suma hole Du Yi special Dharma, Na, Charlie, high court, Boolean Han Auxerre (4-3-3): Butcher Seoul, voto, nilles, spa, Verne Ragnar Gu Qiong, matthys, Xi, Nicolas Qi, Diallo, Vincent, Rick Kurt (farim)相关的主题文章: