Beijing property market into the new era of how to control the investment home 若槻ゆうか

Beijing property market into the regulation period under the new deal on how to invest in the evening of September 30th, Beijing, Suzhou and Tianjin three regions have introduced the new deal in the property market regulation, open the property market regulation prelude. Eleven before and after the city more than 20 follow up, one after another release of the property market regulation policy. The full moon, the new "new market" effect is continuing fermentation, the Beijing property market is showing a gradually cooling trend, Jin Jiuyin ten has passed, the next Beijing property market will have what performance? "In the history of the most stringent new deal, Beijing prices will be what kind of change, is also worth of the buyers decide on what path to follow? Under this background, real estate Tencent Beijing Railway Station editor miss Cao Yan to join the Tencent property division Yang Zhe went into the Chinese Aerospace Science and industry seven yuan, full of knowledge and the purchase of dry cargo bring home guide for the majority of buyers. In fact, this is not the real estate Tencent and China CASIC first encounter, real estate Tencent has China Aerospace Science and industry group to create a "home exclusive showings, reasonable route, exclusive offers, attentive service has been widely praised Aerospace Science and industry group of workers. A senior media people, engaged in real estate media for 11 years, has unique insights and analysis of the beauty editor of the Beijing property market; one is with Wanda, Jinmao and Yongtai developers 16 years of work experience, unique professional judgment of a real estate practitioners. They will be able to wipe out the same spark, bringing a new, unique interpretation and analysis of the property market. First came to the office of the Beijing Railway Station is the editor in chief of Tencent, Ms. Cao Yan, for everyone to bring the theme of the new deal after the property market trend, home buyers lecture. Cao Yan first carries on the analysis to the Beijing property market turnover data of ten years, ten years, Beijing prices appeared only in 2012 fell, the overall trend is soaring all the way. Also not only rise in the market for ten years, has experienced four waves rise and wave three adjustment, but each round of price adjustment or are very limited, between 11-20%, expect the slump is not realistic, and each round of increases in 60-120%, significantly higher than the decline. At present, the recent wave of rising has gone through 24 months, coupled with the policy adjustment of 930, into the adjustment period. Cao Yan, chief editor of Tencent Beijing Railway Station, said: this year, the Beijing property market unpopular, had to mention the contribution of second-hand housing turnover in. This year this wave of soaring prices is actually a frenzy, by improving the singing led needs to. From the regulation of 2009 -2016 ten years of the Beijing property market, every time the real estate and credit policies to all is to protect and support the first set of buyers just need. At the same time, from the 2009-2016 five years of commercial lending rates trend, as of now, in October this year, the lowest lending rate, only 4.9%, just need to purchase a certain advantage." Interactive real estate audience Tencent real estate division Yang Zhe, general manager of the Beijing property market analysis of the market, said the woman was very supportive of. Wit and humor, he played a mobilization of the enthusiasm of the audience. As an experienced front-line real estate practitioners, he continued "since the black", the real estate developers broke a "black material", so that the current.相关的主题文章: