What is the impact of the price of the teapot 小坂めぐる

What is the impact of the teapot price Jingzhou Gu Wu Hufan painting phase Ming Shipiao pot Yixing is used to buy whatever you use or investment, you will care about the price, so a teapot is worth? What is the effect of the teapot price? This is the first clay teapot is the most important part, but also the most basic cost. The paste type, purity, add and so on will have different effects on the cost. Because purple is a special mineral, is a non renewable resource. After hundreds of millions of years through a number of geological effect can be formed with unique double pore structure of minerals, are only found in Yixing Huanglongshan nearby, but have not proven reserves, for some rare mud has been very scarce, Yixing is belongs to non renewable resources, rare, so how much the price will be affected. The second is to work the pug is determined on the one hand, the price of Zisha teapot, but the work is also very particular. On the process, a good teapot shape requires the correct symmetry, the water level should be smooth, the work has a teacher’s skills, is also a test of the teacher culture of art, in addition to the cost of labor also reaction. Third is the device type of different types of production will be different, the price will be different. For example, the four type: round, square, muscle grain and flowers for the plastic forming difficulty of each one, in addition to some specific type or significance of other prices will have an impact, such as Mansheng eighteen or some commemorative pot etc.. The fourth is to do pot man’s famous author fame or the author’s title and so on, are likely to affect the price of the teapot. The artist’s understanding of art is different, as well as its packaging is also different. Through the national certification of senior players, said or not certified, but the process is very influential in the folk, the market price of their works will naturally rise, the price is also a manifestation of the value of the craftsman. Often the price is not static, with the promotion of the title or process, the price will be relatively changed. Of course, under the temptation of some business, some criminals will pretend to be famous, in the name of the famous to deceive consumers. Four class teapot 1 practical utility, also known as road products. The highest yield, the largest sales, mainly to do daily tea, generally by the general technical personnel Yixing production, purchase authentic and the boy mud not skew appeal, belong to the entry-level teapot. 2 arts and crafts arts and crafts, also known as fine goods. Compared with the real products, process more clear that the technological level of pottery pot hand has reached a certain height, but have limitations in culture and art culture, most of the works to imitate the traditional shape. 3 special arts and crafts, also known as celebrity products. The author is a leader in Yixing rise above the common herd in the industry, some well-known works, personal style and unique connotation, yield less, popular with collectors play pot. 4 art works of art, full of artistic vitality相关的主题文章: