[k8 Kai FA Cup Home Court recommended] West Ham tough odds rewrite攻略�

[K8 Kay recommended] European Cup odds tough Europa League West Ham home court West Ham VS 2016-08-26 02:45 Du narry UEFA Cup fourth round second leg, back to the Premier League West Ham home court battles a Luo Du narry crack. West Ham in the Premier League first round 1-2 defeat away to Chelsea (data), the second round of the Bournemouth home court in a 1-0 victory, and in the first leg of the Champions League and UEFA Cup narry Du 1-1 draw, the battle played home court, West Ham or qualify for the group phase is expected to win the game, because the last round, West Ham in the away defeat, back to the home court to rely on to win the match reverse the cut, and then draw the guest with Du Du narry, obviously than the one round opponent better to deal with last weekend, in the league this season has Shousheng, West Ham’s morale has improved significantly. Du narry in the first round draw with West Ham after home court after the last weekend in Luojia League 1-5 defeat away in Cluj, the morale of the team fell. At the beginning of 1.30 5.10 6.40 quasi disc, reflected in the West Ham home court advantage is very obvious. The disc open West Ham Lord let the ball half water, the note after the plate water level gradually down to the water, clearly optimistic about the victory on West Ham home court is not popular, handicap or intent obvious resistance, and the Du weekend away defeat, the team showed a current adjustment is not ideal, in the face of a morale boost team fear of escape defeat ending, so the field SMG football out of West Ham gave a ball, singled out to have the harvest West Ham wins.相关的主题文章: