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Guangdong, popular tourist _ Sina Guangdong _ Xinhua Guangzhou October 5th news (reporter Li Xiongying, Huang Haoyuan) "huge crowds of people" and "money" is the common feeling of many people to travel during the long holiday, the market calls is different from the traditional tourism products tourism scenic spots and leisure experience, so home tourism began to rise. "Boss, your contact information? I’m going to invite my family to come over." This is the reporter saw in the scene of the inn Hostel jinshi. The operator put down ready to hang out "Jinshi first inn" flag, hospitality to come to the consultation of the visitors, the scene also printed two piece of similar Postcard inn name card. Ms. Cheng told reporters, before the National Day period, are to travel to the country’s major attractions, people are looking at, the scenic service experience is not ideal. This year’s holiday, I would like to look around the city, looking for a city in the back garden". Ms. Zheng consulting this inn is located in the small village of Guangzhou City, in the local small reputation. Manager Geng Qianxiang told reporters that this year’s national day, their business is full, "a total of about 20 buildings, currently only a unsubscribe house, the rest have to stay."   reporter walked into the building by the unsubscribe house, feeling like a hundred years ago in the old way, only in the bath do modernization. The room was furnished with a large number of books, which were clearly the last century. Geng Qianxiang said, their inn as "Jinshi" and "south of the Five Ridges culture" features, most visitors are living here can the whole family, old and young, feel the heavy scholarly atmosphere, but also can experience the old life of ordinary people. Mr. Zhu from Hunan and from Shenzhen and Shantou are the relatives outside the room around, trying to persuade his relatives to stay. He said: "I was here before the experience, has been forgotten, because everywhere here have nostalgia memory." The village is the village in the city of Guangzhou south of the Five Ridges water features, was named the ecological demonstration village of Guangdong province. The village currently has more than and 20 different themes of the Inn hostel. Just opened 4 Days Inn responsible person Ms. Lin Rong said: "these days accommodation was satisfactory, the future has the confidence to do better." In Zhaoqing Dinghu Mountain Nature Reserve near the hostel accommodation is hard to find a room, extending from the foot to the mountainside hotel are not welcome home. Ms. Li from Wuhan, a two months ahead of schedule. She said, with a child in the evening for firefly, early in the morning to a waterfall they are home tourism for the best people to experience. Geng Qianxiang said that in recent years the government has begun to pay attention to home tourism, tourism development, with good policies to help us promote, business is getting better and better.相关的主题文章: