Friday SMG 025 opponents at home court or draw away Red Bull 瀬名アスカ

Friday: SMG 025 opponents at home court or draw away Red Bull Friday 025 Bundesliga Leipzig Augsburg 2016-10-01 02:30 VS Red Bull October 1st Beijing time 02:302016 17 season German Football League sixth round will be the first game in the German city of Leipzig Red Bull arena, the German armour promoted Leipzig Red Bull team will host the Augsburg team in the home court. The home team 2 wins in six matches in 4, in the last six games 3 wins 1 flat 2 negative. Red Bull promoted Leipzig team in the season unbeaten and two before this game on the face of the enemy when the home court in the eye-catching performance, solid defense and a good performance of the Augsburg team this season in the away game, want in the hot home court scored third victory this season I’m afraid the difficulty is not small. The status of home court operations in Leipzig on Sunday Red Bull team in the Bundesliga away 1 1 draw with the Cologne team, in this season in six consecutive games unbeaten. Red Bull team in the opening five minutes ahead, but was to counterattack in the twenty minutes after the opponent equalised in the second half against the opponent’s offensive game and in the case could not create a really good opportunity, eventually away 1 to 1 draw with rivals, after Leipzig Red Bull team coach Hasen huthle very satisfied that road Red Bull team in the game most of the time dominated the game and the team’s status has been further improved. The home court Friday usher in the Augsburg team, Leipzig team coach Hassan Hutl Red Bull said very good defensive opponent is a very experienced team, the Red Bull team will face an uphill battle in the home court, the players must keep patience on the pitch. From the point of view of injury, the bench right back Gibson, the main right back Klosterman ongoing rehabilitation treatment, other players can play. The status of the Augsburg team away from home in Saturday’s Bundesliga home court 1 to 0 victory over the Darmstadt team, ending two consecutive league tournament. Augsburg’s opening to the opponent immediately after applying heavy pressure and force on wasted opportunities a man sent off after the match, at the start of the second half two minutes to break the deadlock and after continuous waste to expand the score opportunity, the final 1 to 0 victory over the opponent home court after the game, Augsburg coach Schuster said the opening of the Augsburg team is very good in the lead after another wasted opportunity and eventually frightened to take three points. This Saturday Red Bull away to Leipzig team, the Augsburg team coach Schuster said the transition speed is very fast and has a lot of personal attack player opponent has very big potential and may be the best in the history of the Bundesliga championship, the Augsburg team will be very difficult, but full of confidence and ready at present state of good the Augsburg team will try to score away from the road. From the injury situation, the main defender Braque, avant-garde players in Cole, the main attacking midfielder Caiuby ongoing rehabilitation, replacement in the avant-garde Moravec, the main attacking midfielder Bobadilayin injured, Friedrich is M. to replace chue to resume training,.相关的主题文章: