because every program ultimately ends on a woman’s life letting her with trials of life. But “all’s wells that ends well” 30游客泰国身亡

Movies-TV Now a day, most desi TV shows are mostly made on women issues, they feature a sense of true housewife nature, service towards their family and a slight inclination towards theist effect. About, 90% of women living in India are more passionate towards such issues, sometimes they consider themselves the re-birth of a particular actress playing in such TV programs. Women from all over the nation are driven to watch such programs that sometimes they forget to do their regular activities. Well, filmmakers such as "Ekta Kapoor", who started off with such trend have been the main inspiration for other filmmakers. She started her reign with the launch of her most watched and appreciated shows. "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" and "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii" were aired on 3rd July and 16th October 2000 simultaneously. The serials created a rage throughout the nation and made a trademark on Indian audiences. Both the serials created history, when they span for over 1500 episodes. The TV serials continued for next a decade and finally ended. This was the second time since the launch of the mythological epic "The Mahabharat" when women from the entire nation were driven crazy over the daily soaps which marked the beginning of a new genre of entertainment. The shows lead a mark for others while many south asian channels profited in telecasting such TV serials. Today, every home including both men and women, have become a diehard fan of such TV shows while most serials are made on such women protagonist issues. The daily soaps mainly portray the journey of a woman who begins her life from a middle class society, ties the knot with some handsome business magnate and ends her life with mysteries and unexpected turn rounds. No doubt many women have shown their feelings towards such serials but they are clear case of cut, copy, paste issue, because every program ultimately ends on a woman’s life letting her with trials of life. But "all’s wells that ends well", the stories are always made on the "want" of the audiences and the "real want" is the programs that showcase the real turmoil of a women’s life are mostly appreciated within a large sect of women committee. So, if you are a diehard fan of such issues then you need not worry as there are many desi TV channels that are ready to telecast such TV programs. Along with this, many filmmakers do not often waste their revenue in making serials based on different issues but indeed they profit on shows based on a woman’s life. It is therefore, programs on such issues will never slow down because a huge fan following comes especially from the women society. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: