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Health Everyone’s looking for a bargain. In these economic times everyone would like to find a way to lower their bills. There is the temptation for contact lens wearers to look for the cheapest lenses or solutions they can find. They are looking for bargains thinking that all lenses and solutions are the same. Searching the Internet for contact lenses, you can find sites offering contacts and solutions at lower prices than you can find at a retail store. These items are usually off brands that the seller claims are the same as name brands. Their claim is that quality is the same, only the price is different. While they are definitely cheaper, they are not necessarily the quality goods the seller would like to you think they are. You can never be sure what you’re putting in your eyes if you go for cheap contacts, and could at best be causing discomfort to your eyes and at worst lasting damage. Cheap contacts, and their accompanying solutions, can have any number of unsafe and untested ingredients in them that will be far more likely to cause infection. Cheap contact lenses won’t have been properly fitted or measured, which can result in swelling, conjunctivitis or allergic reaction, to name but a few undesirable effects. You’re putting your eyes at serious long-term risk if you opt for cheap alternatives. If you have a solution that you never have a problem with, stick with it even if another version is offered at a bargain price. Always disregard cheap contacts and solutions in favor of reputable, well known, safe brands. This is especially important if you are purchasing prescription lenses. There often is no guarantee that the lenses will fit properly or are even manufactured to the specifications of your prescription. If you’re order from a website, you’re not going to get any kind of follow up. If you are considering changing, though, do your research. Find the options and prices available to you for a product. Ask others about their experiences with a brand you’re considering trying. Ask your optician for advise. If you find an offer that is just too good to be true, you can be sure it is. These principles hold true if you are using colored contacts for which you don’t need a prescription. These non-prescription lenses are widely available in several styles and colors. Don’t endanger your vision and your eye health to save a few dollars on a purchase. You can have good results using less expensive contact lenses and solutions. Be careful when you do. Talk to others about their experiences and check with your eye care professional. Do your research. Saving money is one thing. Putting your vision at risk is something else. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: