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Business Chennai Real Estate Chennai is the fourth largest & densely populated cities in India. The real estate in Chennai is on high today and there are various reasons accounting to this upsurge in Chennai real estate. The first & foremost reason is no doubt the rapid industrial & IT/ITES developments taking place in the city which have attracted number of migrants into the city from all over the country thereby creating a demand for housing & commercial properties in the city. The real estate market in Chennai is on high not simply because of these reasons/however there are various other geographical/ demographic & psychological reasons too that contribute to this upsurge in Chennai real estate. Being located near seaboard of the palar delta, Chennai has got a geographical advantage over the metro cities. The city is easily accessible from various parts of the country & outside the state through an extensive network of transportation facilities including air travel, sea travel & a highly diversified railways & bus networks. For Details of Shriram Greenfields call @ 8971315026 The constantly boosting IT/ITES segment is one of the main reasons for Chennai real estate developments. It is constantly attracting the IT/ITES firms & migrants into the city thereby creating demand for IT/ITES & office spaces & housing developments in the city. On the other hand is the retail segment which has presently become much more organized due to transformed consumerist culture in the city. The consumers who were earlier conservative & gave significance to value-driven shopping are now giving much importance to convenient shopping. This is the main reason behind the increasing popularity of the multi-storied shopping complexes, huge malls and well-facilitated & spaces in organized retail buildings in the city. However the housing sector is the largest segment comprising nearly 80% of the citys real estate that is mainly divided into three sectors housing, commercial & retail. Compared to all other main cities in India, Chennais housing property has got much scope for growth because of better availability of land resources & continuously increasing demand brought due to the commercial & IT/ITES developments in the city. For pre launch offer of Shriram Greenfield Bangalore call @ 8971315026 The property prices in CBD areas like Nungambakkam/Egmore/Mylapore/Alwarpet & T. Nagar are continuously thereby creating demand for affordable housing properties like apartments & flats in the city. On the other hand new housing projects like townships/villas/bungalows & magnificence apartments are coming up in the happening areas like OMR where there is continuous demand for residential properties because of the IT developments & as well because of new proposed FSI that will permit larger population density giving profits to the property developers. Not simply among the localites & the migrants, even the NRIs are showing interest in investment in Chennai properties with relaxation in Government FDI policies. Every NRI wants a base in the homeland and what better can be a housing property in happening city like Chennai where the property & rental prices are on high. For details visit For The Bookings of shriram Greenfield call @ 8971315026 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: